Wednesday, July 15, 2015

You Don't Say

This is going to sound absolutely horrible:

I've enjoyed the time that DQ has been away. 

Has it been stressful? A little. Have a I worried about her? A lot. Do I wonder where she'll end up in life and how she'll get there? Every day.

But, as painful as it is to admit, I don't want her to come home. It's been 2 1/2 weeks. Nothing has changed. She hasn't even called to talk to me. I keep in touch with the staff to make sure she's doing ok. That's about it.

Imagine my dismay when they called me yesterday, demanding a family meeting! They told me I have to pick her up for a 2 day pass. When I explained that the goal wasn't for DQ to come home, they said they understood. But if I didn't arrange for a 2 day pass, they were going to discharge her. 

I say discharge, but what it boils down to is, they are kicking her out. 

What changed? I'll take a guess and say the honeymoon period is over. They said her attitude is horrible. She won't follow the rules. She's causing problems with the other girls. She's making things up. Stealing food. Generally being disruptive. 

My reply? That's exactly why she isn't in my home right now. 

So let me get this right... You guys are a temporary group home for misbehaved kids. BUT when they misbehave you want to send them home? And if I don't come pick her up for a two day pass, you're going to discharge her? Effectively forcing me to come get her?

She's a 190 lb pain in the ass? You don't say!?!?!

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