Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Unsolicited Opinions

About a week ago my sisters husband found out I have a fire arm. This was his immediate reaction.

 Get a gun safe or at the very least a trigger lock.  Or consider getting rid of it.  Hiding it is not enough.  The stats on gun ownership are not good.  You’re three times more likely to have it used on you than on an intruder.  With (DQ) in the equation, probably much worse.  If you can, consider bolting the gun safe to the floor from the inside of the safe.  This will discourage someone from moving the safe to where they can work on it.  Keep in mind hollow core doors, windows, and drywall partitions are not secure either.  Last but not least, if the police know there’s a gun in the house, they will be tempted to draw their weapons before they enter.

My immediate reaction was to tell him to fuck off. But that wouldn't be the mature responsible thing to do. I tried to let it go, but the whole of it just irritated me.  I replied to him on Monday
While I can appreciate that this advice was probably given with the best of intentions, I have to say it irritated me a little. I know that everyone in the family still sees me as a kid, but I am actually 40 years old. And I do have a decent amount of sense.

I know all the statistics on gun ownership and safety. I'm not a back woods redneck who carries for show. I have a keyed entry lock on my bedroom door, where I keep my side arm if it's not on me. If it is on my, I have a blackhawk locking holster. I may be a happy go lucky in a lot of aspects of my life, but my weapon is something I take VERY seriously. Because I see the same news stories you do about children getting a hold of a parents gun on killing themselves or another child. I have high quality ammunition for home defense. I make a point of going to the firing range so I can always remember what to expect from the recoil and the noise.

I have been open carrying since I got the restraining order against my husband more than 4 years ago. Police officers approach me all the time with nothing but positive things to say, such as, "Wish everyone would exercise that right," and  "It's nice that you are proactive in your own self defense." I make a point to inform dispatch that there is a weapon in the home. When the police arrive I also tell them, what kind of weapon I have and where it's located. If they were to feel the need to secure that weapon for their own safety, I would not object.

Mom and I have come to an understanding on this. We agree to disagree. She respects my right to carry, by law. I respect her wishes not to have it around her. 

In the future, please remember that I am not a child. And unless I ask for your opinion, it's ok to keep it to yourself. 

Why oh why do people feel the need to give their opinion? And it was an opinion. None of what he said was based on facts. But to talk to me like I'm stupid? If I was inclined to have a gun safe, I'm smart enough to know how to install it. Trust that a window would never be an option, lol. I was so tempted to offer a standing invitation to the firing range so he could see for himself my ability to handle my weapon. But I think he would have pissed himself. 

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