Monday, August 3, 2015

Blown Rod

I was going to write an entry about what a wonderful weekend I had. It was awesome. Truly. But then HotRod BlownRod had to text, and subsequently irritate the hell out of me. So now I bring to you: The Open Letter Format

Dear Ex-boyfriend,

We broke up more than 6 weeks ago. Recall the date was June 13th! For weeks we went back and forth. It was exhausting and, I realized, ultimately predictive of what any future for us would hold. I apologized and gave you more than enough time to accept the apology and reconcile. You chose to bitch and whine, and jerk my fucking chain to the point of snapping it. THAT was your choice.

 We have literally spent more time going back and forth than we actually spent dating. Let that sink in for a moment. You're wasting too much time and energy on this. You're beating a dead horse. For what? A 6 weeks relationship that almost destroyed us both? It's time to stop the negative flow of energy and find something positive. 

 If you chose to look at my blog, and keep yourself up to date on the goings on in my life, that's on you. I asked you to stop. I will not censor what's posted because you might see it. I don't care about your opinion anymore.

The fact that I chose to move on, and be happy, no matter who it's with, really is none of your fucking business. Why? Because WE BROKE UP. You didn't want me back. You wanted to play games. So this is the consolation prize. A pissed off Missy who has run out of patience for your bullshit.

How dare you try to give me relationship advise! I should behave like you? Ignore and/or blow off my boyfriend to the point where he plain gives up and breaks up with me. Then spend the next 6 weeks aggravating the shit out of him knowing I never had any intention to be part of a healthy relationship to begin with...? 

How dare you imply that I had intentions of cheating on you and call me a liar! When we were together I was all in. Unlike you who had a dating profile up the entire time we were together. Unlike you who lied to me on numerous occasions. Tell me again about how the stalker found your side profile picture on my blog but never found you on the dating sight? Tell me about all the things we were going to do together that just never happened. Tell me all of the romantic things I could expect from you or that you did for past girlfriends that you never did for me.

 Since we're giving out advice, here's a little for you. Quit being an observer in your own life. Watching the world move around you...not bothering to get up and actively participate in it. Then blaming everyone else for your own inability to make something for yourself.

I very much wanted to be your friend. But at this point, I can't tolerate anymore stress or drama. I've got enough already, in case you didn't notice. So I advise you to stop contacting me. Whatever it is you feel you have to say, trust that I don't give a fuck.  

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