Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mr. Security

How to describe him? He has a fantastic smile. A big genuine grin complete with dimples. When he lets it go full watt, it's what you would call a panty dropping smile. Also... a great laugh. Full of life and happiness. THAT is what originally attracted me to him. 

Later it was conversations. We get along great. We understand each other. To the point of completing sentences.  Our first date lasted 24 hours ... with no sex. Not even heavy petting.

As things progress, I find other things I like about him. The balance for one. He wants to spend time with me. Goes out of his way to come and see me. We make plans and then follow through.  On the other side of that, we take time for ourselves. He isn't stuck up my ass, depending on me for all of his social needs. He's got his own friends and hobbies. We see each other a couple times a week. We talk on the phone almost every day we're not together. Not text. Actual phone calls. There are texts too, ' I'm thinking about you. ' and so on.

Now I can add fantastic sex to the list of things I like about him. Along with a strong moral compass. Being a good dad. Doing what he can to care for the people he loves. His relationship with his mother. His level of responsibility. Itty Bit likes him. His son likes me. All great stuff, right?

No where in there do I mention how much money he makes. Anyone who knows me, knows I don't give a shit about that. As long as I don't have to pay your bills, I really don't care about your money.

We had plans for dinner yesterday, which I cancelled, because I wasn't feeling very happy and sunshiny. I didn't think I'd be good company. He called later in the evening to check on how I was doing. So sweet.

He'd gone out to dinner with his brother and his son. They were talking about going to Busch Gardens the coming weekend. He wanted to know if I'd like to come, too. Then I had to explain my dislike of roller coasters. To which he said, we'd probably only be up there for a few hours. 

Well tickets are expensive, and I point out that it'd be a waste of money to only stay for a few hours when you pay that much. His witty comeback? "Baby, you know I make six figures, right?" 

Uh, well no. No I didn't. Because it never occurred to me to find out or even care. We've known each other for 6 months and it just never came up. It makes sense though. Brand new truck. Pretty motorcycle. 2 house payments. Expensive fun toys. 

Well that's good I guess. I won't be asked to bail him out on a car payment or fund any of his hobbies. And that's about the extent of how his paycheck effects me.

What it does say to me is, he's confident in himself as a person. He didn't have to brag about money to get a girl. His charm, brain and smile are all he really needs. 

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