Monday, August 10, 2015

Clocking Out

I think I mentioned going on a mini-vacation earlier. Heading to SC to hang out with some friends, drink too much and do some shooting. Wishing and hoping became reality this past weekend. 

For the purposes of this story/blog/diary I'm calling the boyfriend Mr. Security. Meaning multiple things, seen and unseen. Moving on...

The drive down was only made pleasant by the company. It rained almost the whole way. Mr. Security drove the first leg and then handed over the keys to his brand new truck to me. With one eyebrow cocked, he kept an eye on my driving for a bit before relaxing with the knowledge that I wasn't going to destroy his new toy.  

The first night was just chill. We sat around with our friends, joking and drinking. All 6 of us taking turns at the fully stocked bar, mixing shots. There were A LOT of shots. There was also a lot of laughing. 

Saturday we got up early-ish to go to an open range. The boys brought all their toys. Each taking turns playing with each others riffles. LMAO.

I sat back and watched them. No interest in shooting something that loud with so much kick back. All three of them trying to convince me to have a turn. No thanks. But Joe wasn't having it. He pulled out a special AR that he uses for competition for me to use. It was nice. Still loud but almost no kick back. 

We did some pistol drills. Setting up a course to move around and practice target shooting. Way cooler than an indoor range where you have to wait 4 seconds between shots. I got some pro advise from the bad ass, former military, something-or-anothers. I still suck, but it's fine. I had fun.
Saturday night was good food, more friends, more drinking, and a really expensive drone. 

The next morning, Mr. Security and I got up early and went into Charleston for a breakfast adventure. The Hominy Grill has been featured on the show Diners Drive-ins and Dives. There was a 30 minute wait for a table with people milling around outside. 

Once we got our food, I was kind of baffled. Everything from the coffee to the pancakes... awful. There I was trying to choke down this "food" wondering if people in SC have really fucked up taste buds. I tried some of Mr. Security's food and his sucked too. Come to find out he thought the same thing. Like, what's all the fuss about? How is this place even still in business? It sucked that bad. And worse, the prices for this shitty food. 9 bucks for three pancakes. Nothing on the side. Just 3 nasty pancakes.  Oh well, live and learn. At least I had good company.

I'm tempted to say my favorite part of this trip was the drive back. The weather was beautiful. Traffic was good. We stopped and had decent steaks. Better than all that... again, the company. He was content to let me do most of the driving, which I prefer. We talked almost the entire way. About nothing and everything. Sharing stories. Laughing. Being serious. Holding hands. 

It was fantastic to clock out of real life for a couple of days.

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