Wednesday, August 5, 2015

We Are Going to Make it

For kids from poor families, getting any kind of real mental or behavioral health help is a nightmare. We all know cash is King and if you ain't got it, well piss on you.

It was a little over a year ago that I went to the courts to ask for guidance in dealing with DQ. We've been in this rabbit hole, chasing the invisible bunny for what feels like eternity. 

It actually feels like Adventures in Wonderland. With DQ, eating this and drinking that. Getting exponentially worse. The reality of day to day life often too absurd to be believed. And logic, yeah... just forget about that.

And why all this running around like a mad woman? For funding. Because I can't afford the cost of out of home care for DQ. We had to let complete strangers into our lives, so they could judge whether or not she's crazy enough for more intensive treatment. 

Finally, yesterday, after a 30 minute meeting with a panel of "experts", she was approved for funding. DQ will be going to a group home for kids with behavioral problems. SOON! 

She will stay for 3 months to begin with. If she can make the changes she needs to, then they will release her. If not she will get another 3 months, and so on. I'm not even remotely convinced she will do a 180 in that time. 

It's a horrible feeling for a mother to feel relief because your kid is going to live somewhere else. A serious internal conflict of interest. Because you love them, you want the best for them. You want to keep them near and safe. When you realize you can't do that for them a little piece of your heart dies.

This is what's best for all of us. And I truly hope it will be what sets DQ on the right path in life.

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