Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Awesome Weekend

Now back to our regularly scheduled lives...

I had an awesome weekend. Maybe I should correct that and say "we". We, as in me, Itty Bit and even DQ. Don't get me wrong, DQ did break a lot of rules, and try to get over on the adults. I chose to ignore it and pretend that things are normal.

So the new boyfriend... 
Since we were friends before we decided to take the plunge into dating, DQ knew who he was. He'd been here back in Feb. for the birthday party. I'd mentioned him in passing. He's friends with some of my friends, including my bestie. It didn't seem weird that he suddenly started hanging out more. Neither of my girls even batted an eye when he and his son came over one night last week to swim in the pool and have dinner with us. 

My girls were excited when I invited them over on Sat. for dinner and board games. I can't decide which is cooler; the fact that he and I get along so well, or that our kids do. At one point Itty Bit pulled me aside and asked, "Are they spending the night?" I said no, and she was bummed.  But then I talked about it with him, and we decided, why the hell not?

Itty Bit's best friend was here, too. We had dinner. Simple enough. And we goofed off. We played Monopoly until 1 in the morning. Then the kids set up a movie and the grown-ups went to bed. Everyone got along. There was no fighting. In fact, there was laughing. Lots of it. It's almost odd for my house to be like that.

Sunday morning I got up and made a huge breakfast. A table full of people, passing food around and generally enjoying the company. In my head, I kept saying, "This is so nice." And it was. Nice and easy and simple. 

I had to work for a couple of hours and Boyfriend had some errands to run. The kids were doing so well together, we just left them all here while we did our stuff. A couple hours later we were back at the house for another dinner and more goofing off. 

At one point I said to his son, "Thanks for coming over and hanging out with us." He said, "Are you kidding? You're an awesome cook. I like hanging out here."  His son is 15. You'd think he'd rather be playing video games. But he was more than happy to be in on the group activities. He hugged me. I was a little stunned, and honored. 

Yes, it was an awesome weekend. I'm looking forward to more of those.

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