Tuesday, August 11, 2015

In Which Hell Breaks Lose

I made a prediction at the end of June (The Precipice) about what would happen when DQ found out that she would have to go live somewhere else. Long story short, she already feels like she's lost the battle and so it's game on. For the next 3 days she is going to make life hell for us at home.

Last Monday I went out to dinner with Mr. Security. We got back around 9 and DQ wasn't here. She didn't get back until almost 11. Yeah I was livid. The next day was our funding meeting for the group home. I tried to stay calm and just get through it.

That Wed. I came home from work and saw her through the window, running away from my desk. Eh hem... Come to find out she hacked my password protected old laptop. And... had been using it since before she went to the respite group home. Well fuck me. This kid is smart. 

And what was she using it for? I'll give you 3 guesses and the first two don't count. Yeah, talking to men. Not boys, MEN. She opened dating profiles on two sites. Had a skype account. Emails. Every form of communication she could possibly think of. Which leads me back to Monday. Turns out, she was on a date. With a 21 year old military guy. Who came to our house and picked her up, took her out to eat and then went to the beach. 

What The Actual Fuck is wrong with this kid???

I have no doubts that she's been seeing other "people", too. Having them over to the house when no one is home. I saw snippets of conversations she's had with at least 7 of these guys. I couldn't read anymore, it made my stomach burn. I took the laptop to SC with us. My friend Joe is a network security specialist. But more importantly, he used to do computer forensics for the D.O.D. I gave him the laptop, and asked that he find out which of this guys knew she was a minor, and get me the info I need to seek charges. By the time Joe gets done, a lot of guys lives are going to be fucked!!! 

Yesterday, while the in-home-therapist was here, I informed DQ she was going to the group home on Thursday. She lost her shit. Cursed me out and then demanded I take her clothes shopping before she goes. Really? Are you out of your mind? 

The therapist and I talked alone for a few minutes at the end. It's generally understood that it's going to be hell week here. I knew, she confirmed, DQ is going to be an asshole until the very last minute. I just have to keep reminding myself, it will be better soon. Only a couple of more days.

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