Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A (Not So) Friendly Letter

For everyone who is NOT the person referred to in this post, please excuse my rant. The person referred to in this post, who shall remain nameless, will never read it. But posting it will make me feel better.

Dear Ex-friend/ex-business partner,

I have recently been made aware of somethings you posted on Myspace:

I tried to sell things with a friend online for a while and that didn't work out but I do believe that is the reason why I no longer have a friend. I would much rather have a friend than a business and I learned that lesson the hard way.

My family attends church every week and we all love Jesus. When he truly came into our lives there was a change in all of us that I can not even put into words properly. I have done things in my life that I am not really proud of, things that I am ashamed of, but I know that I am forgiven. If you do not like the fact that I love God well then I guess that is your problem, not mine.

There was more to that blurb, but I will leave it out for now. I just want to say, I thought the "nice" thing to do would be to let the friendship fade away. I didn't want to get up in your face and be nasty about it. I didn't want to make the split public, and talk shit to anyone who would listen. But since you decided to take the low road, I feel I must rebut. Even if it's only to make myself feel better, knowing you'll never read it.

Since you seem to think I am cutting you out of the business, let me set you straight: The business is closed. I shut down the website. The economy sucks, and until it gets better, I don't see the need to pay money for services that aren't producing sales.

In case you were interested in the real reasons we are not friends anymore, let me enlighten you:

Because your not the same person I came to know all those years ago.

Because you joined the Purple Sticky Punch church, and you would have nothing to do with organized religion when I met you. AND you try to shove it all down my families throat.

Because you make your children confess their "naughtiness" on the alter in front of the entire congregation.

Because you tell your kids to swallow their spit when they come to tell you they are thirsty.

Because you thought it was funny to let your kids sing Old Dirty Bastard to their teacher... in first grade.

Because your husband kills unwanted newborn kittens with a shovel head, or a shot gun. AND your neighbor drowns them in buckets of water... AND YOU THINK IT'S FUNNY??? Hello, PETA headquarters are 30 minutes from your house. They probably would have come to pick them up. (Not that I like what PETA does, but it's a whole lot better than you!)

Because when you babysat my child, and she actually hurt herself on your trampoline, you told her she was being a whiny brat and to go back out and play.

Because you will walk into a store with every intention to steal.

Because I know how much your bills are and what your husband gets paid (Plenty) and you still get hand outs from the church... big ones!

Because your house is so fucking filthy I would pick up a trash bag to start cleaning when ever I came to visit. Can you say 3 day old salad on the floor under the table? How about a weeks worth of dishes in your kitchen sink, complete with hoards of roaches feasting on the left overs? I just couldn't stand to go to your house anymore. AND you think it's perfectly fine for your children to live in that.

Because you make promises you don't intend to keep.

Because you tried to cut costs and save money by letting your baby sit in dirty diapers. To the point where his diaper rash was so horrible that his entire ass was bleeding.

Because when you brought me completed product to be listed for our "business" it was a half-assed job, and you knew it and didn't care. And it quickly became apparent to me you were trying to make a fast easy buck. Whereas I love to create and always turned out the best product I could.

Yeah, and as far as business... when your church needed a donation, and you just didn't have the time, I gave them a donation, that I handmade, on behalf of "Our" company. You got tons of orders based on that donation, and it didn't occur to you once to share any of the orders with me. Then you have the nerve to turn around and tell me how busy you are trying to complete all those orders?

So if I somehow lead you to believe I didn't want to be your friend anymore so I could have the business all to myself, I am sorry. I didn't realize you thought I was such a lowdown dirty person that I could do that to a friend. I hope that now you understand the error in your thinking. Maybe I should have just come out and told you that I think the way you choose to live your life is pretty horrible. OR, maybe you should go up to the alter yourself and confess your sins.

Your un-employed ex-friend


  1. People like that suck. I hate it when people use religion to excuse their shitty behavior. "Well, God forgives me." Come on!

    You're better off without her.

  2. Oh girlie I need you to breathe...
    30 minutes eh? Is that counting traffic? I'm 15 ;)

    Jeebus freaks in HR-please to be going to fuck yourselves hard, repeatedly with any sharp rusty object of your choosing.

    kisses and happy Wednesday!

  3. Are you sure this isn't a VC Andrews novel?


  4. Well, I'm sure killing defenseless animals, neglecting your children and living in filth are all in the commandments somewhere.

    Taking the high road is hard. I'd be very tempted to post a reply on her MySpace page with a link to this post.

  5. Gosh any one of those items would have been enough for me to ignore this woman.

    The dirty diaper one is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. OUCH!

    good rant, missy.

    glad we could be of service and "listen" to it.

    your ex friend sounds like you certainly made the right choice.


  7. I glad you ranted. It's not good to hold all that in. You go girl!


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