Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Tuesday Again


My hair is crawling down the middle of my back. I wonder how long it would be if it weren't curly?

Why oh why must DQ argue with everything I have to say? Isn't being a mother, enough to qualify me to know what I am talking about? Before you comment, I already know the answer... I am an idiot as far as she is concerned.

I really can not believe it is Tuesday already...again. It's also the second day of summer school for DQ and the little girl (we'll call her Miss Thang) I am watching this summer. Itty Bit and I really enjoyed our morning yesterday.

Why do women make it so hard to be friends with them? True, I have always leaned towards the Tom-Boy side, but really ladies. It would be nice to have a good girlfriend who didn't turn out to be a psycho-bitch.

This leads to my new problem. It's been so long since I had a girls night out, that was not attached to a blog. I am seriously due to get shit-faced and sing bad karaoke.

I need to register Itty Bit for kindergarten. Which means she will need her booster shots before school. Which means I will probably have to hold her down to get said shots. Which means it's going to be costly to buy back my status of perfect mother to her. On the up side I see a new Wii game in our future. Or maybe a 2 wheel big girl bike.

I am having fun goofing off with the 3 girls this summer. Besides all of our craft projects, movies, library trips and sprinkler fun... I have put pink and blue strips in their hair, done manicures and tons of temporary tattoos.

Well, that's it for me today. Head on over to Keely's to see who else is feeling random today.


  1. You definitely deserve a girls night our.
    Try Ann's virtual GNO this Friday. It's close to a real one.


  2. How old is DQ? Is she 12 yet? Because, honey, that's REALLY when you become the biggest idiot on the planet.

  3. DQ is 10 going on 17. And I am really over her crap!

  4. Woman up!!! Hold her down for the shots with a smile :-) You don't owe her any rewards.

    I agree about women being hard to be friends with... they always turn our to be psychos. I am also a little tom boyish. I wear make up for school. I put the mascara away for summer!!!

  5. Women ARE hard to be friends with. It makes you wonder how they got all those friends in the first fucking place.

  6. Girlfriends are over-rated. Make friends with the bartender, much more rewarding.

    My kids are totally into the temp tattoos! But now they don't want to bathe b/c their tattoos might disappear lol.

  7. i don't keep many irl girlfriends...am i too weird, or are they all just bitches?

    i'm leaning towards the latter.

    'cause i'm sensitive that way.

    and you had me at "potty mouth" and "tasteless subject matter".



  8. We women are hard to be friends with, aren't we? Why do we have to be that way?

  9. I don't even have to be shitfaced to sing bad karaoke! I couldn't carry a tune with a bucket!

  10. I have a hard time keeping up friendships with both men and women these days. My brain just doesn't function socially anymore. My bofriend asked me on a date on Thursday and I looked at him with shock. What's a date? I seemed to have forgotten.


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