Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Tuesday again


It's Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday. Don't I sound like one of those annoying monster truck announcers?
Tuesday means Random Tuesday Thoughts. Head over to The Un Mom to get in on the action.

What is the slowest moving bug that you can't catch? A mosquito! And Sexy Papa has figured out why. Because they are so small and light weight. When you go to swat them the air force produced by your hands actually pushes them away from you. Makes total sense to me.
The new Janet Evanovich numbers book Finger Lickin' Fifteen comes out today. I totally heart her. I am seriously hoping Sexy Papa will stop on the way home and get it for me.
Speaking of reading, seems like at the beginning of every summer I go through a reading phase. Maybe it's because that's when Evanovich releases her new books. Maybe the kids being home means I won't get much else done. Who knows. But I have read 3 novels already this month.
Speaking of new books, mine is coming along nicely. I reorganized the chapters to shorten them a little. Chapter 20 has a torrid sex scene in it. I am not sure I like it. Now I am stuck thinking about that chapter, and whether or not I should tone it down a bit.
If you want to read the book so far Routledge
If you just want to skip to the s e x Chapter 20
I really need to know if chapter 20 is to much. So any feed back would be so appreciated.
We will be going to the big city park today. Wish me luck in coming back with 3 kids. No more, no less. It hasn't been that rough of a summer yet. But it's not so hot out that the girls can't go outside and play. I am worried about what will happen when it gets into the upper 90's or more?
Speaking of kids, DQ had the end of school slumber party last Thursday. They all showed up around 3. I called one mother to pick up her bratty ass kid 5 hours later. The others stayed until afternoon Friday. When Sexy Papa called at lunch to chat, I said to him "If you come home and find me curled into a ball in a corner, don't be alarmed. I just need a little time to recover."
Last I would like to draw your attention to an article I found on Yahoo this morning. 700, yes hundred, teachers in NYC getting paid to do nothing. It's a long article, but very much worth the read. I had no idea this was going on. Somebody screwed the pooch on this one.

Well, I am outta here for now. Got lots to do today. Everyone have a lovely day.


  1. I think I'd be curled in a ball too if I had that many munchkins sleep over my house. We had 3 boys come over once....it hasn't happened since. lol

  2. Most days I feel like curling into a ball & I only have my 2 little beastlets at home.

    Definitely going to sit down & read your book during naptimes/bedtimes when I can. Not sure how I missed it before, but now you've got me curious.

  3. Wow! Phew! Great job. I wouldn't change a thing. That's my opinion as a guy.

  4. Your book sounds like it might be good! Send me a copy!

  5. I have also come to the conclusion that mosquitoes only allow themselves to be whacked after they have already bitten and shit (or whatever the heck they emit that makes you itch)under your skin. Mosquitoes suck!

    Oddly enough, I had heard about the rubber room. There was an episode of This American Life on the very topic a few years ago. Sounds like a complete waste of time and money if you ask me.


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