Sunday, February 1, 2009

Freedom of Speech

I would like to know if it's in poor taste to hang a small muzzle on my neighbors door? Maybe with a little tag that says "For the couple hours after lunch"?

So... you all know I get up at a very early hour, most mornings. Let's just say waking up at 5:30 am is sleeping in as far as I am concerned! By the time lunch rolls around I have been up and working for 8 hours already. I realize I am an odd bird... a grown up who naps after lunch.

I haven't always needed a nap after lunch. It actually started after I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. I developed hypoglycemia. After I eat, I crash, almost beyond my control, I fade quickly and I NEED a nap. I don't generally eat breakfast because of this, because I need to function. I could probably avoid this whole crash by not eating, which would be good for my weight, but if I wait to long to eat I get a migraine. So I hold out until lunch, eat, and then, usually, I pass the hell out. If I know ahead of time I won't be able to nap, I will eat just a little bit so the overpowering sleepiness isn't so bad. God forbid if I am forced to try to stay awake with a full belly, hell hath no fury, like me in need of a nap.

There isn't much that can keep me awake, or wake me once I am asleep. Any sound that would indicate my kids are in trouble, the phone (sometimes) or someone banging on my door. But there is this one little thing, that oddly enough, not only prevents my from falling asleep, and can wake me from a dead sleep... but leaves me so furious it is hard to define. The dog next door.

Don't misunderstand me... I like my neighbors. They are very nice, friendly and personable people. But that dog makes me nuts!!! She is a small beagle mix with a little yappy annoying bark that is worse than nails on a chalk board. And it never fails, on nice sunny afternoons (after lunch) she is put outside on a lead to bark her little head off. Can I also add that she NEVER stops barking the entire time she is outside. I mean on a beautiful day she can be out there for hours, bark bark bark.

I realize that she is a living being with the right to freedom of speech, so I can't just go strangle her. I would never do that, but I am just saying... How is it that she doesn't drive her owners crazy, and why have they not considered a muzzle? Just for those precious few hours after lunch!

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