Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Worth of a Nickle

Well I am feeling better today. I hate that monthly visit from Aunt Flo! She is a real bitch. Most months I have horrible cramps, which make me sorta crabby. Can I just say yesterday was like hell? The cramps weren't so bad, but I was just feeling overall like shit and wanted to bite everyones head off. Urg... So anyway, I am feeling better, but still not like I am ready to take on the world. At least now my poor hubby doesn't have to fear for his reproductive parts.

Since I am still not feeling whitty and cheerful, I am just going to put up another sewing tip for now.

Best Sewing Tip #4:
I keep a nickle or 2 in my previously mentioned meat tray. I find these better than any flat head screwdriver when it comes to my sewing machine. They are just the right thickness for my screws with no long handle getting in the way. I can get just enough torque to turn the screws I would otherwise not be able to get at. I clean my machine a lot and I am not an idiot. I don't need to pay someone 60 bucks a week to clean it for me. The nickle helps.


  1. I never thought of that one. I have a small screw driver set but the handle is still almost to long making it hard to get to the screw. I will put a nickle by the machine now.

  2. Awesome... I am glad you could use that tip.

  3. I have a little tool that came with my machine. It has two screwdriver heads on it, but it is hard as heck to hang on to it when turning...the nickel might help me too. Thanks Missy!

    PS Hope your week gets better!


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