Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last One For Now... Best Sewing Tips

Sorry ya'll, no decorative photo for this one... I can't seem to find it. This will be the last one for a while. As the knowledge well is running dry already.

Many of us, who have been sewing for any length of time, have come across those small items that have to be turned. I know making small purse handles and tiny prims call for turning (right side out) lots of tubes and corners.

I have seen the special turning tools at the fabric store. Good on whoever developed that product. I truly hope they get rich off their idea. My theory is "the less money I have to spend on other junk, the more money I can spend on fabric". I have used lots of "tools" to turn. The end of Jack-the seam ripper, the pointed end of my snippers, a pencil. Many times it lead to poking through the item, and/or ripping a hole in it. So my new favorite tool for turning is... Drum roll....
A crochet hook. Why? Because I already have those around my house. I have them in different sizes. They are long, straight, sturdy, and most of them have a rounded point on the end, that is not going to poke through my seam. There you have it. Hope that helps.


  1. Very helpful hint!! I have used the pencils too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ah! Great idea! Nothing bites more than using a seam ripper to push and turn fabric only to rip a hole in and have no fabric left to fix it!!


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