Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Oh Holy Hell

September 1st. Itty Bit will be back in school next week. 

Where did Summer go? It can't be over yet? We didn't even do anything fun!!! 

I have been thinking about a fun thing we can do before school starts. I think this may require a trip to the arcade. Itty Bit loves to play those games. She loves to "win" the tickets and buy prizes. We are one of the lucky towns. One of the few who still have an actual arcade. Not attached to costumed characters and nasty pizza. It's awesome. I think we need a good Summer send-off.

Then it will be time to start thinking about Fall stuff. Halloween costumes and caramel apples. Homework and school projects. I'm not ready to think about those things yet. Christ, we haven't even gone to the beach.  Maybe we can get that in, too? How can it possibly be September already?

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