Thursday, September 10, 2015

This SOB

I'm growing tired of being so broke all the time. Not that I have a problem being poor. I'd rather do something I love and not be rich. We should all be so lucky. 

No, I'm getting tired of The Douche not paying his child support and not being held accountable. It's been 9 months. Jesus fucking Christ. Why is he still sitting on his unemployed ass, getting high on his girlfriends dime, in his her trailer? 

Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) has a "timeline system". After 3 months, they suspend his license. After 6 he should stand in front of a judge and answer for why he isn't paying. It's usually about that time that the assholes spend some time in jail to remind them about the priorities in life. They took his license but he's not been called to court yet. I think DCSE should be renamed, Child Support Reminder. They aren't enforcing anything.

There are things I want to do for Itty Bit that I can't because I'm currently broke. It makes me want to scream and break shit. Can you imagine what that $700 a month would do for our little family? Give me some breathing room to start. 

I see people/politicians screaming about welfare and their right not to marry people based on their religion and some moron who shot a lion. All I can think is "fuck you!" That's your biggest cause? If we put as much energy in to holding people accountable for the children they brought into this world, imagine how much we could get done. MAYBE, if we could get baby daddies to pay some support, there wouldn't be such a burden on the welfare system.

Friends picked sides and waged wars over the Confederate flag. Maybe we should put just half that amount of energy into calling out parents who don't support their kids.

My ex-husband currently owes us $15,579 in back child support. I don't have a choice. I do everything in my power to give my kids a good life. Provide for them as best I can. Short of getting another job and never seeing them, I'm at my limit. I've considered it. But seriously, why the fuck should I have to provide both sides of the support? And what good would I be to Itty Bit if I never see her, and I'm always exhausted?

I understand that $700 a month is a big chunk. Just so we're clear, his obligation is $500 a month and $200 towards arrears. Still, a lot of money, I know. It cost a fortune to raise kids and I'm the only one chipping in!!!

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