Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Recall that Mr. Security and I went to South Carolina not long ago. While we were there, our friend Joe was being recruited by a company in TX. Turns out they made him an offer he can't refuse. Turns out he has to be there in the next two weeks. He and his family, I love his wife BTW, are moving all the way to TX. No longer a 6 hour drive away!

Turns out he is coming to spend some time with his friends here in VA before he leaves. It was rumored, but not confirmed. I text him last night to ask if the rumor was true. To which he responded that he was already on his way. I don't think he knew for sure if he'd make it up until he was actually in his truck heading North. 

I don't know Joe very well. He's better friends with Mr. Security and my Bestie, Ed. But this seems like just the sort of thing he would do. Get in the truck and drive up here with no notice. Not that I'm complaining mind you. I know everyone wants to see him before he moves half way across the country.

I'm going to throw together a dinner for the guys. My Bestie, Mr. Security and Joe. We'll see if I can calm my OCD and deal with the short notice. I've let my house go a little, because I've been worrying about other things. Now I feel the need to get it all back together like NOW.

If you need me, I'll be cleaning up after the tornado that I refer to as Itty Bit.

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