Monday, September 28, 2015

Are You Serious

Imagine me, holding a letter from Child Support Enforcement, posture completely deflated, shaking my head. It's exactly what I was doing a couple of days ago.

In it, they informed me that they've filed a lien with the court for 1/3 of what he owes me. $5000 and change. Should he sell any property, his debt to me will be taken into account. 

Awesome! So when he gets around to selling the house... Oh wait, he doesn't own one. Well maybe the... Nope he doesn't own a car either.

Yes, I stood in my kitchen, completely deflated. Until I slammed the letter on the counter, yelling, "He Doesn't Own ANYTHING!"

Don't feel sorry for that fucker. He COULD own things if he didn't spend every penny on drugs and booze. Or, ha, maybe if he got a fucking job! 

Utter disbelief. That's what I feel about the agency looking out for my daughter. It was a waste of their time and resources to even petition the court. Maybe a little digging would have told them he has nothing to sell. Maybe they should skip the bullshit, do not pass go, go directly to jail!!!???

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