Monday, October 5, 2015

An Odd Weekend

It was an odd weekend here. For days before, they'd been warning us about impending weather. First it was thought the hurricane would hit here. At one point the models showed they eye crossing directly over the South East tip of VA. 

So we all prepared. And we waited. 

Normally hurricanes don't make me nervous. I've been through enough of them to know when to sweat. And this one wasn't going to be big. 

The problem? The two solid weeks of rain we'd already had. I was worried that any amount of wind would bring trees down easily. With the ground so saturated it wouldn't take much.

But...we didn't get a hurricane. We got rain and wind from two other systems. There was horrible flooding. No major catastrophe. 

It just felt odd. Being cooped up in the house. Waiting to see what would happen. Pressed down by dreary weather. More of the same. 

I think we've discovered that we are not home bodies. We don't like being stuck at home. Not that we have to go, go, go. But we like the option if we're inclined.

Also... we need some sunshine. Weeks of this overcast, wind driven drizzle, has left everyone Blah.  They say the sun will come out tomorrow. Lets hope so. 

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