Sunday, October 18, 2015

She Can Play Dress Up

So... Went to a wedding this weekend. As it was on a Saturday, I had plenty of time to pull myself together and actually look like a girl. Granted I had to borrow a dress, because I don't actually own one. And then I had to go buy boots to match the dress, because, boots bitches. 

Also, now I remember why I stopped trying so hard to be girly. That shit is exhausting. I did acrylic nails the night before. I'd broken a couple during the week, so it had to be fixed. Doing hair, actually putting some effort into make-up, painting nails. Running around like a crazy person for a couple hours, yeah it's for the birds. Mostly.

So why did I put so much effort into this? Mr. Security has never seen me look like a girl. In my paint clothes, on the firing range, in my jeans and t-shirt playing pool.... yeah. But actually dressed up for a special event?

He was in the wedding party, so I met him there. And it was all worth it for the look on his face. Yep, I was hot, and he was stunned. To be fair, he looked good enough to eat in his tux. I should probably mention it was a halloween themed wedding. So cool.


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