Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just ask...

Let me begin by saying: I am in no way being compensated for this blog post, or any other up to this point. Rather I just wanted to tell you about a good company. Often blogs can be used as a marketing tool, for good and bad. Lets face it, when a company does something wrong, you can find it in blogland. But how often do you read about a good thing, when the blogger is not being paid.

So.... When hubby and I were first married, my Mom bought us a nice Revere Ware pan. 12" non-stick skillet with a lid. I love this pan, because it's so huge. I was so very bummed when my dip-shit SIL scratched it, while washing dishes in a drug induced stupor. But I still loved it.

A couple of weeks ago, the handle to the lid came off. I always thought Revere Ware was a good name in pans. I tried to put it back on, but the threads were stripped.

I took a couple of days to mull it over. Wondering what I could do to reattach the handle. Then I thought, "Well I am a mouthy broad. I'll just email Revere Ware, and see what they say." So I did.
I was nice about it through. I explained that it was my favorite pan, but that the lid was broken. And then I asked them what I should do about it.

3 days later I got a reply:
We are sorry about this. Under the circumstances, we are sending a replacement. Please discontinue using the lid and throw it away once the replacement arrives.

A couple of days after that, Fed-X knocked on my door and delivered a new pan lid. AWESOME!

Now this is not the first time I have contacted a company about a faulty product. I often get a refund or replacement. I am all about taking a product back to the store if it doesn't do what it promises. But I think it's easy to forget that companies want to please their customers. We paid good money for said product, we should get what we paid for. When something goes wrong, there is no harm in asking the company to make it right.

As for me, Thanks Revere Ware, I promise to keep loving your pan!


  1. I LOVE my 12 inch pan. It's not Revere Ware, nor is it non-stick. It's stainless, triclad (so it heats really well). I use it almost every day.

    I wonder how I cooked without it.

  2. That's awesome and you're right, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  3. Missy, I have inherited my Mom's revere to add to my own set. Mom's were bought in the 1930's, and the guarantee still holds up - It's awesome.


  4. I always say I'm going to return the stuff that doesn't work but never do. I'm so lazy.

    Anywho...I have an award for you over at my place if you want to swing by and grab it. =)

  5. this is an awesome post :D I admire you, you mouthy broad ;)


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