Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Little Itty Bit

I know, I know, we all say it... But it's true...

Seems like I just brought this thingy dingy home from the hospital...


Seems like only last week that I was so frustrated with the sleepless nights and the endless messes. Cleaning high chairs and bottles and butts...


I would swear she was just learning to walk. And she was just up to my knee.


It's hard to imagine that years ago she celebrated a different birthday with the seals at Grandma's Aquarium.


And now look at Itty Bit....
6 Years old. How the heck did that happen???
Every year, I feel the same... like I turned around and they grew up.


Though this time I fear the only thing that grew was her hair.

This morning she informed me, as we walked to the bus stop, "Mom, 6 year olds don't hold their mother's hand." I'm sorry to inform you, Itty Bit, but you will always be my baby, and I will always hold your hand.

Could you do Mommy a favor, and slow down a little?
Happy Birthday Itty Bit.


  1. beautiful baby girl there!

    happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. She's gorgeous. And I think our daughters' hair might be made from the same mold.


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