Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Frustration RTT


It's random Tuesday again. And lemme tell ya, I got some shit on my mind...
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Why oh why don't Etsy buyers leave feedback? Well most of them don't. Other sellers leave feedback, because they know how important it is. But I have noticed buyers that don't have their own shop, usually don't leave it. Other sellers have the same problem. We never had this problem with eBay.

My kids are making me crazy. I think I am more upset about always having to fuss at them, rather than what I am fussing about. They have been without TV and Video games for more than a month. And still they can't pick up their crap. It's not complicated stuff either... I only ask that they don't leave my house looking like a war zone, by keeping up with what belongs to them. I am tired of not being able to open my front door because there are 8 pairs of little girls shoes sitting there. Why is that so hard to do?

The new "Key Holder" at work pissed me off this weekend. She has been working at Joann's a lot longer than me. Keep in mind that I only work 10-15 hours a week.
So the Sunday morning that we worked together, she was late getting to the store.... and was a half hour late opening the store.... If I had realized what time it was I would have told her. When she was questioned by the regional manager, she blamed the late opening on me. Why??? "Well I have never worked on Sunday before. Missy works weekends, she should have known what time the store opens." She totally threw me under the bus. All while I wasn't there to defend myself. Our store manager, Barb, (Who loves me) was there and stuck up for me, but still...
Barb started to tell me about it, but then bit her lip. She didn't want to finish, because she knew I would be mad. I managed to pry it out of her, and she was right, I was mad.
I'm sorry, it's not my job to open the store. She gets paid to be on top of these things, not me. HELLO there is a sign on the fucking front doors! You pass that sign every time you walk through them.
Um, hey Lydia, you picked the wrong one to stab in the back. Because I don't need this job, I will have no problems making your life miserable. Not that I am worried about it. EVERYONE likes me better. Wonder why that is?

I am officially Twilight obsessed. I am so bummed that I have read and watched all available content. Now I can't wait until June 30th...

Find more videos like this on The Twilight Saga

Alright, I am done groaning now. Thanks for letting me vent!


  1. I so totally hear you on the kids and picking up their stuff. I ask mine to do it once a day that is all and its like I am asking them to rip off their arm or something.

  2. eBay likes to remind the heck out of people to leave feedback. Sometimes I'd rather leave no feedback rather than nasty feedback.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  3. Evil co-workers should be made miserable. Go for it!
    Nicely Randomed!

  4. When my kids do that I take something additional. Once you get all of their things they usually start to listen!

    Some people just suck don't let the co-worker get you down!

  5. What is with kids? My son leaves 8 pairs of shoes by the front door and 5 pairs by the back door. MUST.KILL.HIM. or send him to college.

    That totally stinks that your co-worker threw you under the bus. Did she think you wouldn't find out? really?

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. My wife used to only open the store on Friday's, but there was a new hire that wanted to work early and somehow got to open the store. After a couple of times being late my wife was asked if she could open the store every day during the week. Sometimes seniority has its privileges.

    Thanks for your randomness,

  7. That's one thing I do NOT miss about working..there is always someone who will stick you in the mess to keep them out of it! I hope you get her good! Happy RTT :)

  8. I'm proud to say I read and loved those books but it was WAY before they were popular. I remember thinking "This would make a great movie" and boy was I right!

  9. bitchy colleagues?? been there.. kicked that!:):)
    Oh and twilight.. i almost forgot about it.. i have to check up on the trailers.. thanks for reminding!
    Happy Random and here's mine!


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