Friday, March 19, 2010

Dear So and So

Kat over at 3 Bedroom Bungalow does this Dear So and So thing. I see it as very therapeutic. So this week I am going to join in.

Dear Bus Driver

If you do not stop blowing that whistle at the kids on the bus, you may find yourself choking on it, as a result of me shoving it down your throat. You scare my Itty Bit, whom you force to sit behind you. And she doesn't misbehave on the bus.

Itty Bit's Protective Mommy -Missy

Dear Family Friend,

Please, please, please, get that car registered. I am, quite frankly, tired of Sexy Papa driving you to work everyday. I haven't been able to use our car in 3 months because of your lack of transportation. But you have a car now, register the damn thing already.

Love you like a brother,

Dear Twilight Teen Freaks,

While this evening should all be in good fun, waiting for our copies of New Moon... Please remember to respect your elders-that would be me-and let me have my copy first. I will have to get up early and deal with my children. I will need to get home in a timely manner and umm... go to bed, yeah, that's it, go to bed.

The Fiend

Dear Mom,

Please stop showing up at my house unannounced. It really bugs the piss out of me when you do that. And when you wake me up from a nap, don't be frightened by the angry bear who resembles your daughter. You asked for it!

Your loving daughter

OK that's gonna do it for me today. If you wanna play, head over to Kat's.


  1. I have decided that once my husband retires and we move back to my hometown I am going to live far enough away from my mother that she has to call before she comes. I am not big on unexpected guests, not even my mother who is my best friend.

  2. Right on, Angry Bear! I'd take a swipe at her too!

  3. good luck fighting off the vampire crazed teens.


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