Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Have I ever told you about Venus vs. Mars... The blog? I think I have mentioned that I write over there sometimes. But I don't suppose I have ever told you about the blog itself.

The actuall name is In The Real World Venus vs. Mars or RWVM for short. And it is a little golden gem of a blog in a sea of relatively simple blogs. What I mean is, most blogs are a one person show. Where the author writes about what they want to say. Which is good. I frequent personal blogs and craft blogs. But RWVM is something entirely different.

RWVM is a collaboration of grown ups, 12 women and 7 men, writing about the many aspects of relationships. Our little group is led by Shelle. She is very good at organizing us, and keeping the topic list full.

Everyone is allowed to say their piece. In fact, it's sort of the point to get the 2 different views between men and women. Each week they have topics that are written about from the view of both different sexes. Then there is the He Said She Said segment, for a serious debate.

It's very light hearted, not at all stressful. But the topics are very real and apply to most, if not all, of the relationships out there. Anything you might imagine would affect a long term relationship is talked about over there.

And if it's not.... Well you could always email Shelle, and she would be willing to bring it up for the group. Every week there is a segment called group therapy, where she puts forth a question or scenario posed by a reader and we all give our take.

I find the blog very useful. I can bounce idea's off other grown-ups. And it is very helpful when trying to gain insight into the males prospective. I am often baffled by the things guys do. I find many of my answers over there.

So if you haven't done so already... go check it out.
The Real World Venus vs. Mars

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  1. the guys that write there are freakin HOTTTTTT too I heard!


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