Friday, September 18, 2009

You know you want one...

We have a late entry, the last one I swear, for our giveaway. I fell in love with her shop, but she has only just contacted me. She will be shipping her donation directly to the winner, as it is getting late and we need to get this thing rolling.

She will be give a lucky winner one of these...


And from the creator herself...

I started making hats for my own children when I couldn't find what I wanted, (or what they needed), I would buy the yarn and begin to "sculpt". As we would walk through malls, stand in line at the grocery store or even visit Santa at a local tree farm, (with bells jingling), people would ask them where they got their hats. They would point to me and say "My mom made it." I was often asked where I sold them.

After years of fine art, owning an art gallery, working in interior design and eventually commercial merchandising - I found myself frantically crocheting hats for a local show. Exposure led to more shows and lots of custom orders. It felt good to be creating again. Etsy became the perfect solution for showing my hats plus referring customers to. They are able to see my current collection at any given time. Last winter I had orders from as far as France and Spain.

I take pride in not using any commercially available patterns and prefer to create my own and let the yarn lead me. I have many "test" children in my neighborhood. They are subject to my newest creations and it's a hoot to see them gathered at the bus stop wearing various bells, tassels and animal faces. I have always thought – if you’re going to wear a hat – wear it out loud. Nobody does that better than kids but I wasn’t surprised when adults began requesting cats, dogs and jester hats for themselves.

Like many of us, I have what a friend calls “craft ADD”. Once Hats Out Loud hit the summer season, I needed to find another creative outlet. Another friend and I started Plunk Soap. Plunk is a line of not-so-serious natural soaps, lotions & soy candles. Again, Etsy was the best place to show and sell our creations. It’s wonderful to have a place where uniqueness and creativity are appreciated.

These are just perfect, as the weather is getting cooler. I am madly in love with them.


Child's size cap with flaps

Baby booties

And guess what? She makes them for us pretending to be grown ups too. I am seriously considering getting one for myself. Which one should I get? She is so creative. Really, if you have kids you should totally check out here shop


  1. What fun hats! "Wear it loud" indeed!


  2. Those hats are so cute. Thanks for sharing a wonderful talent. Time to do some early Christmas shopping!!


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