Tuesday, September 29, 2009

RTT Giveaway Edition

It's that time again. Time for Random Tuesday Thoughts. I wonder how Keely is feeling about the new ZOMBIE movie coming out? You should click on over to her blog, The Un-Mom, and find out!

The Un Mom

Itty Bit is still sick. She has had a fever of 103 for 5 days!!! With no other symptoms!!! I took her to the Doctor yesterday. They are just as stumped as I am. No strep, no pneumonia, no URI, no UTI, no ear infection... Just this damn fever. She is so upset because she is missing school.

While I was out on the porch having a smoke this morning, a fox came trotting across the lawn. Now to some of you this is not strange... But I don't live in the country. I live in a densely populated area. Granted my neighborhood is very old, with tons of trees, but still, a fox? Not that I have a problem with him. He can stay for all I care, I just thought it was weird.

Do you guys see this "Book Thong" graphic?


The person who makes the lovely book thongs can't seem to see her graphic on my blog. I am wondering if it's her computer, or my lack of HTML skillz? So can you take a quick look at my sidebar and tell me if you see it there? Thanks so much...

I got 8 whole solid hours of sleep last night!!! I never get 8 hours. More often than not it's 5, maybe 6. I am beside myself. I think taking care of Itty bit the last couple of days has just worn me out.

Have you heard? I reached my goal of 100 followers! Because you guys are awesome! In celebration of this achievement, I am partying all week. Including a guest post from the person responsible for all the madness, otherwise known as my blog. I stumbled across her blog back in Jan. I fell in love with ranting and raving on the internet because of her, and the next day I started my own little blog. The rest, as they say, is history. She will be posting tomorrow, so look for it. If you can't wait that long, go visit her blog. The Queen Of Shake Shake.

Also in celebration of reaching my goal, I am doing a mega giveaway. Lots of prizes. You should GO ENTER IT!

I love all the shops you guys are recommending in the giveaway post. I am visiting each and every one of them. But I am not commenting on them in the post, because I don't want my comments to interfere with the random comment picker!


  1. Happy SITS Tuesday! I see the Book Thong graphic just fine. I am using Firefox!

  2. I think the name "book thongs" is really cute. Hope Itty Bit gets better.

  3. As long as the fox doesn't start eating your chickens...wait, you said densely populated. ; )
    That is crazy!

  4. Stopping by from sits! Love the book thongs;) Your blog layout is awesome!

    I wanted to invite you to stop by and join the Blog For A Cure blog Party that I am hosting at www.whoknewreviews.blogspot.com- it's a great way to get new followers, win prizes, and support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! Hope to see you over there!

  5. It's always crazy to see wild animals in random areas. And yes, I do see the Book Thong graphic.

  6. Wow- a fox. Wonder if he noticed you.
    Have a great RTT!

  7. HI!!! Happy RTT. So I'd be freaked out about the fever but sometimes you have to let these things run their course. All our immune systems work a little differently.

    Congrats on your 100 followers! That's something in itself.

    And continuous sleep? Who needs it? It's overrated... I wish. Between bathroom wake up calls and husbands odd hours I am doomed for the moment. Bless your sleep. :)

  8. Congrats on the 100 followers!
    Sleep is overrated... who needs it? Ahem, me.
    Crazy about the fox. We have them in downtown Berlin too. They love the parks and can be found tearing up the trash cans. The worst wild animals to be found in Berlin's parks are the wild hogs. My gosh they do lots of damage to grassy areas and hassle the dogs quite a bit.

  9. Without my 8hours sleep I'm pretty useless the next day. A fox?! How lovely! We don't have any of those around here. Maybe it's a sign of good luck?

  10. The fever thing would scare the crap out of me too but I guess as long as nothing else is going on there isn't much a doc can do anyway. Just frustrating! Hope you all are back to normal soon.

    And yes, I too see the book thong graphic.

  11. Yay for the fox. So cool. I can see the book thongs and I use firefox.

  12. Why does the phrase "book thong" make me laugh? I'm not a thong girl...big butt...but I could be a book thong girl! Too cute!


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