Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blogging is Sexy...

This Chic designed a pendant just for my little giveaway. Check her out...

My name is Stefanie, I am 26 years old from good old New Jersey. I have been creating all types or art since I was very young, under the influence of my Mother. Over the years I have tried many different mediums, from plush to painting canvases, but have always found my love to be pin up inspired art. All of my pieces start with a simple word or phrase and I build each of them individually from there. I have a ton of fun trying to find the perfect image to suit what I am trying to say.

Currently, the shop contains jewelry and one of a kind canvas art but will soon expand to other accessories and items for the home.


When I am not neck deep in paper, wood, and paint, I enjoy scouring every market for vintage Halloween items, my favorite holiday. I also enjoy hanging out and being silly with my best friends, playing with my Bulldog, working on my side project (, having bbqs, relaxing on the beach, and taking random road trips to anywhere!

When I am not scanning the thousands of wonderful shops on Etsy, and buying more than I should, you can find me here: (she's my queen!!)

Well Thanks Stef, for creating this awesome pendant for us. You can take a random road trip here anytime! And for those who are interested she listed the blogging is sexy in her Etsy shop. Buy the necklace



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  3. I gotta know what Romeo was trying to say? LOL!
    Blogging is sexy!


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