Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday

Monday, oh Monday... Oh how I love thee Monday. Sexy Papa goes back to work. The girls go back to school. And I have my house back. I always have tons to do on Monday, but it's OK. I enjoy the peace.
Oh I adore Monday... except today I have a sick baby home. She has had a fever since Thursday, and frankly, I am starting to get a little worried about it.
Oh the bright side, it's Itty Bit that is sick, and she is an angel under any circumstance.

Listen up people... I have something important to tell you. To continue the celebration of achieving 100 followers... My blog hero, Heather, is going to be guest posting this week. If you have never read her, you really should. Talk about so funny you pee your pants. She uses the word "fuck" freely, so if that offends you... um what are you doing here? Anyway, go see what she is up to: Queen of Shake Shake

OK, what else, Oh I will be posting another installment on The Real World: Venus vs. Mars late this week. I thought it was Thursday, but might be Friday. Did I mention I have Mommy brain?

I got an award this weekend from Facts from a Fact Woman,
But I have so much on my plate this week, with the sick kid, the giveaway, the other blog I contribute to, I just don't have the get up and go for it right now. So yeah, maybe I am being lazy, but I am only 1 person, with a split personality, so don't hate. No but really, I want to thank her. She is awesome too. So go check her out.

OH MY GOD, how could I forget? Did you see my entry about The Giveaway starting? Seriously people, go check it out. Super easy to enter.

Alrighty, that is all I have in me for now. I'll catch you guys later.


  1. I thought I was the only sicko who loved Mondays!

    I hope you're little one makes a quick recovery. My kids had the SAME thing a couple weeks ago, but my youngest ended up in the hospital with pneumonia! Hope everybody stays well!

  2. Did you at least breathe inbetween all of that?! Congrats on the award, can't wait to read about Venus vs Mars as well :)


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