Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Where is the Love

I think Mr. Security might have been on to something when he deleted his Facebook account. Even Itty Bit has lost interest in it because of all the negativity.

I scroll through my timeline and now-a-days it's just angry and hateful. The opinions are either one extreme or the other. Never any compromise. Never a solution to any problems. 

Right now, today, Nov. 18, 2015, everyone is scared and uneasy. The middle east is in an uproar. It's been that way for thousands of years. But what makes this attention worthy, now, is that they took the fight to a civilized country. They completed a horrifying act on Paris, France.

And who are they? Terrorist.

They may claim to be Muslim. They may claim to be a persecuted group. They may claim to be ridding the world of evil. But they are none of those things. They are terrorist. 

It's unfortunate that many Americans, and humans as a whole, associate terrorism with Muslims. 

It amazes me that we haven't learned from the past. We were appalled when we read about these same sorts of things in our history books.  Entire groups of people condemned for the crimes of the few. People, human beings, slaughtered for what they believe, or how they look. 

Recall a time in our own history when America rounded up Asians and put them into holding camps. We know now, that we were wrong in doing so. 

How about this time in history? The Crusades.

How are we so blind to what history has taught us? 

I don't understand why the world is so angry. I don't understand why there is no compassion for human life. 

Forget what religion is involved. It's of little consequence.  It only matters to the radical few. 

See the big picture. Understand that being a bigot, being hateful, being self righteous, as a mass, is going to lead to war. An unpredictable war, with a very real possibility of nuclear involvement. 

See the big picture. It's not about winning or losing. It's about profit and acquisitions. It's about land and resources that only the elitist will make gains from.

See the big picture. Hate breeds hate. Will our attitude of 'whats mine is mine' lead Muslims to believe that America really is the Land of the Greed? We are only adding fuel to the fire. 

See the big picture. What if it was you, who had to flee a violent take over? What if you had to travel to distant unknown lands with your children in tow? Running from the atrocities of a small extremist group, only to be lumped in with them because of your religion. How does that seem fair?

See the big picture. The person next to you could be a Christian, a Wican, a Muslim, or a narcissist. None of that matters. What matters is that they are human. Until that person gives you reason to think they are a terrorist, he or she shall be treated as equal to you. Not should be, shall be. It's your duty as a human being to look out for fellow human beings.

Yes, the refugees should be vetted and documented. Each should be scrutinized, not unlike anyone else applying for citizenship. But it should be done in such a way that they not feel dehumanized. Because here is the thing; THE MAJORITY of these people, mean you no harm.

Finally, the golden rule; Do unto others as you would have done to you.

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