Friday, November 6, 2015

Frazzled Friday

Not unlike Random Tuesday Thoughts, here we have Frazzled Friday. A scrambled format of unrelated thoughts, yet one thing connects them all. They're in my head.

You know what I miss? Flushable cardboard applicators. I'm hard pressed to find these biodegradable gems now-a-days.  Being on the rag is bad enough. But not being able to just drop the tampon applicator in the toilet is another layer of yuck. 

I love my job. But I hate sanding. I'm currently working on some beautiful cherry entryway doors. I don't mind the stripping, or cleaning. But the sanding, is for the birds. Every single inch has to be sanded smooth. Some of the spaces are barely a cunt hair wide. It's a real pain in the ass. 

I'm addicted to Blacklist. Thanks to Mr. Security's Netflix account we can catch up on the previous seasons. Just so we understand, he is also addicted. Probably more so than I. More than once this week, I've woken up on the couch going, "What did I miss?"  You know it's bad when you find yourself thinking, 'What would Reddington do?'

Friday totally sneaked up on me. Yesterday I really had no idea what day it was. Then the client mentioned something about Friday and I just looked at her, "Wait. It's Thursday?" Yeah, apparently my week came and went and I didn't even notice.

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