Sunday, November 1, 2015

Minecraft is Not Scary

Ah Halloween. The time of year when my kids come up with crazy ideas and I'm put to the challenge of making it a reality. Last year it was Itty Bit as Alice in Wonderland. Easy enough. I went as the Mad Hatter. Realistic enough.

This year, being that Itty Bit is obsessed with Minecraft, she wanted to be a creeper girl. I had to look this one up, because I didn't have a clue. I was not expecting this...

Well it wasn't too hard to pull off. Except that I couldn't find a green hoodie ANYWHERE! No worries, we bought a white one and dyed it. Then I airbrushed some pixels on it, and the black frowny face.  I also couldn't find a black skirt that wasn't made out of tulle and glitter. No worries. I made that too. And I turned her treat bag into TNT. 
None of the adults who answered the doors had a clue what she was. Leave it to Itty Bit to be out of the box. As it was only one kid we passed knew she was a minecraft character. But the important thing is, she was happy.

I think she had fun last night. Lots of the usual. Candy, mostly chocolate which she won't eat because she doesn't like it. But as a side note, she also got these things. 

Minecraft may not be scary, but people are freaking weird.

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