Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Tuesday, The Bitch Edition


Yeah Random Tuesday...Yeah Random Tuesday...
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OK, now it's my turn...
This swine flu is really freaking me out. I have been saying for years "Wash your hands" but my kids can't seem to get that message. So now what do I say, "wash your hands your life could depend on it."? Also I feel a strong need to go "stock up" on crap that is likely to be expensive if this thing goes pandemic. I am trying to ignore it, but if you come to my house and see 100 cans of tuna, stacked up next to 50 jars of peanut butter, you'll know why.
At various points throughout my life, people have actually told me I'm a bitch. Well, they haven't told me themselves, other people have informed me on their behalf. Because, lets face it, I don't know anyone brave enough to tell someone to their face.

I got to thinking about this last night... I am not a bitch! I am the friend always trying to solve other friends problems. Problems they have laid on me hoping to get a resolution, because they know I am a problem solver. I am a peace maker. I would give you the shirt off my back, if it didn't lead to me being arrested for indecent exposure. I give of myself to everyone else, until I drop from exhaustion. And... I don't complain about it, any of it.

In light of this I have come to a conclusion... I am not a bitch. I've just had the misfortune to be surrounded by people who get mad when they don't get their way.
Speaking of being bitchy, I am about to relinquish my title of Not-a-Bitch to have a ranting, raving, screaming hissy fit. I am a clean person. As a matter of fact I only know one person with a house cleaner than mine. And everyone tells her she is OCD clean. I am at peace in a clean house. In contrast I am a nervous wreck when it's not clean.

I realize I am a stay at home/work at home mom. That is why, up to this point, I have not really complained about everyone's mess. I have kindly asked that the toys not be all over the living room floor, along with dirty socks, and empty soda cans. But apparently no one around here responds to "kindly". Including Sexy Papa. Seriously, how do you drop trash on the floor and just walk away? Why does everyone need 4 pairs of shoes by the front door? Do you really have to change your clothes 3 times a day and leave the "dirty" ones on your floor?

DQ emptied the electric pencil sharpener yesterday. I have asked her in the past not to do that. If she needs it emptied, I will do it for her. BUT NO... she did it anyway. And, spilled pencil shavings and graphite all over the floor and into the cats water bowl. Did she clean it up? Hell no. That's what Mom is for. Sorry, I didn't get the memo. I made her come out and clean it up, but that's not the point.

I feel like I start at one end of the house, and put everything away, and wipe everything up. By the time I am done, I need to start all over again. My kids are 29, 10 and 5. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect my house to be a little cleaner by this point. Before I had kids, you could lick my kitchen floor, confident that it was as clean as it could be. Now, no matter how much I sweep and mop, I don't want to walk in there barefoot, because I know it's likely something is going to stick to my feet.
I have received a couple of awards and been tagged in the last week. I love awards. I don't generally fill out "lists", or pass that sort of work on. I have been recovering from our "not-vacation" the past week, so I haven't really put the energy into posting about these things. Sorry to all that have bestowed their kindness on me. I'm not really a bitch, I love awards. I've just been tired.

Is it Friday yet? NO? OK, I think I'm done then.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Foxy Friday Sweet Dreams

Here you are ladies... Another Foxy Friday. It's good to be home, and free to post pictures from the internet to my blog. I don't know what happened last Friday, it just wouldn't work. If you missed the "Foxy" post earlier this week you can catch up with it HERE.

This week we are taking in a mysterious hottie. He has that bad boy look, but eyes and a smile that says "I would never break your heart." Josh Holloway plays Sawyer on ABC's Lost. No matter how hot Josh is, I can't seem to get into that show. My hubby is a Lost junkie. I keep telling him one of these days they will announce "April Fools", we had you all watching a completely ridiculous show! But Lost does have one thing going for it... And that is Josh. Enjoy!





Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Daughter, The Super Hero

So while on "vacation" last week, I learned something very interesting about Itty Bit. My sister-in-law informed me after having spent the afternoon with her: "Did you know she has a super power?" "Oh, really" I say. "Yes, she was just telling me all about it" Hummm. I have never heard of any super powers?

So she calls Itty Bit over, and has her explain them to me. But she has to whisper, because it's a secret. Well of course it is. I mean, you wouldn't want the whole world to know you have powers. They might try to take advantage of you. Every super hero has a secret identity right?

Itty Bit gets real close to me and proceeds to look around, making sure no one else is listening. My Sister-in-law is sitting at the other end of the table, beaming with pride. She then begins to tell me about her "power of cuteness" I don't take her seriously, at first. I mean it's not like she can fly, or move objects with her mind. We have always told her she was cute. So here I am thinking it's finally gone to her head. But as she gets into the benefit of this "power" I slowly begin to understand.

"I can get people to do whatever I want them to do with my power of cuteness. Especially boys" She goes on "and I can share my powers. Only with girls though, boys can't have it"

Can I remind you that Itty Bit has just turned 5. How is it that she has managed to figure this out at such an early age? My 10 year old hasn't a clue about this power, although I am sure she has it to. Hell I didn't discover my own power of cuteness until I was old enough to go to a bar, let's say 17.

She is right though. She has a very powerful "power of cuteness". She pointed out something that happened a couple of months ago back home. "Remember that time me and Daddy went to Little Ceasar's and the lady gave me free crazy bread?" OMG...she's right. She wanted crazy bread, Daddy said no, and the lady gave it to her free. So not only has she discovered her powers early, but she has known about them, and been using them for a while.

I watched her throughout the rest of our trip. My sister-in-law has 5 boys. It worked on all of them. And my brother. She "cast a spell" over my sister-in-law, in order to share her power. When we made our way to TN, it continued. Everyone swirls around her, "so cute", "oh you want a cookie, here have 3"

To say Itty Bit doesn't like grown men is putting it mildly. She turns into a dragon when strangers approach her to tell her how cute she is. If it's a man, beware, growling, breathing fire, and flying objects may follow. And still, everyone thinks the is cutest little thing. Wives and girlfriends deny their husbands/boyfriends likability to be on Itty Bit's side. When Itty bit growls and bears teeth at them, the women say "he is pretty scary isn't he?" This odd behavior only makes people want to befriend her more.

Through out our trip, I also discovered a super power of my own... The ability to resist the power of cuteness. It's tough, but most days I manage pretty well.




Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday, The Road Trip Edition


Well, here we are again, another Tuesday. Time to bask in our randomness. If you want to participate, you can head on over to The Un Mom and link up there.

Alright, some of you know, but for those who are sitting in the back of the class goofing off, I will catch you up. I decided (yes I should be smacked for my stupidity) to take my 2 children on a road trip for spring break. We went from the south east coast of Virginia, where we live, to the Arkansas/OK boarder. That is 20 hours of driving, not including stops, each way! Now that we all understand my level of stupidity, let me begin...


DQ and Itty Bit fight, non stop, and argue about everything. Why did I think threatening them with turning around and going home would make a difference in their behavior in the car? Portable DVD players are great, if in fact your children can agree on a movie to watch. I didn't have that type of child in my car.

Itty Bit HATES public restrooms. Even at the tender age of 5, she knows they are dirty and smelly and loud. Poor thing only has 2 hands. It's kind of funny to see her try to plug her nose and cover her ears at the same time. Why didn't I consider this before I decided to go?

Speaking of public restrooms... Ladies, if we all work together, our bathrooms would not be so yucky. I mean really, you don't think that lazy ass attendant at the gas station counter is going to do his job do you?

I think there is a limit to how much McDonald's a person can consume in their lifetime. I am pretty sure, after this trip, I have reached my threshold. Please, don't make me eat McDonald's again...EVER!

I am, really, getting to old for this shit! I didn't think I was, but really, I don't like driving for that long. There used to be a time when I could take a 15 hour drive up to MI for a weekend, no worries. That is not the case now. I get tired and bored, and would rather find a bar and have a beer!


On an interstate, with only 2 lanes to travel in, Drive on the Right...Pass on the Left!!! The government has spent tons of tax dollars putting up signs that say "Slower Traffic Keep Right"....Listen to them! Being scared of falling off the side of the mountain, is not a good enough reason to do 5 under the speed limit in the fast lane. If you still feel you MUST travel like that, for the love of all things good, when you see me coming up behind you, like a bat out of hell, move the fuck over. I'll be past you in just a second, then you can move you pookie ass back to the fast lane.

If you don't know how to drive a massive RV, why did you buy one? Hey don't get me wrong, I don't think I could drive one either...That's why I didn't buy one! News flash...they are big. This is not your little Volvo. If you don't think you could drive an 18 wheel big rig, you probably can't drive that RV either!

Truckers, you do this for a should know when your tired it's time to pull over and sleep. I am nearly positive the receiver would rather you be late, than have the load lost in the middle of the interstate. And it's a real pain in the ass being stuck behind a double truck laying on it's side across the entire road.

Lovely citizens of TN: Where I live, we have discovered safety in numbers applies to the interstate. We all drive real fast, because they can't pull us all over! You should try it. All of you!

Hey, don't forget to check out the late Foxy Friday post
OK, I think that will about do it. You may return to your regularly scheduled life now.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Back... Foxy Friday On Monday

Seems some of you were bummed that I didn't post for Foxy Friday, a hottie of the week. I am not mentioning any names. Tell ya the truth, I am kinda missing it too, so here we go. For all of us.

This week we have Justin Hartley. I got my first peek at him on Smallville. My husband got me hooked on that. And since Justin made his debut as The Green Arrow, I haven't missed an episode. Seems as though I maybe a Science Fiction junkie. Apparently he got his start on some soap, but I don't watch those, so I wouldn't know. I know, I know... He is a pretty boy. But I really like him in his Green Arrow hood.





The guy behind him is Tom Welling. I will feature him one of these days, cuz he is a cutie too.

OK, now that's out of the way. I am back, or should I say we are back.

We didn't get to see the stuff we were going to stop and see on the way back. We hit Memphis at rush hour Friday afternoon. URG, I really wanted to stop, but it was a little insane out there. Then yesterday we got caught in a storm for 6 hours. There was no stopping at Skyline Drive either.

We had a blast in TN. I stopped to see a friend who lives out there. Funny thing, her house is exactly 1/2 way between me and my brother. 17 miles off the interstate I take to get home. We got there late Friday night. I was nice to break the drive up and get a nights sleep in the middle. We hung out at her house all day Sat. She had some friends over for a bonfire. I met her new boyfriend, and his daughter, who is DQ's age. They made fast friends, and now can't wait for them to come visit us in the summer.

BUT... can someone please explain to me why... every time I take the kids on a road trip, one of them gets sick? Because Itty Bit spiked a fever Sat. evening. She said her throat hurt. I figured it was allergies, but I stopped drinking (boo) so I could keep an eye on her. I gave her Clairitin and she didn't get much better. Couple hours later gave her Motrin.

At 3 am she woke me up with her sneezing. I took her temp and it was 104!!! So my friend and I sat her up and got some more Motrin in her. That's when I noticed the puddle she was laying in. She had peed in her sleep??? She never wets the bed. But she peed... On my friends leather couch. We had laid a sheet over the couch so it soaked most of it up. But I was worried at that point. We got her cleaned up. I was more upset about the couch than my friend was. Itty Bit went right back to sleep but I stayed up. I was freaking out, trying to figure out the best plan of action.

I took her temp again at 4:30 and it had gone down considerably. By 8 am she was back to normal. She did not remember being woken in the middle of the night, or peeing. She actually seemed to be doing much better. So I packed up the car and headed for home. On the way home, DQ started complaining of an icky belly. I think she was just exhausted and ate to much junk the night before.

Anyway, we are home now. DQ went to school this morining. Itty Bit still has a low grade fever, but other than that seems fine. I think after 40 hours of driving in a week, we all need a day of rest. As a matter of fact, I think am going back to bed right now!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Not So Foxy Friday... Giveaway Winner

I tried, more than once, to post a real Fox today. But for some reason, I can't. So you all will just have to wait until next week.
And the winner is...
#4 of 23, Heather
If I don't hear from you by Monday, I will email you. Congrats.
Thanks for all the feedback. I will be printing all the suggestions when I get home, and taking everything into consideration.
Well, Time to get back on the road. Heading to TN this afternoon. Talk to ya'll next week.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We Survived...Barely

Next time I decide I want to go visit somewhere 1200 miles away, remind me I wanted to fly. And if I am still hell bent on driving, someone remind me, to make sure I get a car with cruise control
Why in the hell do they make PT Cruisers without cruise control? Does that seem off to anyone else? And why, as a rental car company, would you have one without cruise control in your fleet? You know we rent your cars for road trips, so we don't have to put the wear and tear on ours. What the hell is the matter with you people? My toes are still stuck, pointing up, at a nearly 90 degree angle.
When it comes to traffic in other areas of the country, I follow this: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" This is the best way to avoid a ticket. This, however, does not apply to the state of Tennessee. Because for the entire, longways length, of that leg of the trip, no one actually drove the speed limit. Except for me. They all did 5-10 mph UNDER! The only exception was Memphis, which was a hoppin little city. They all had places to be.
Did you know that the Arkansas moto is "Arkansas, the Natural State"? You didn't? Well that's OK, because I am officially changing it to "Arkansas, Road Kill Capital of the Country" I shit you not, there were more dead things on the road there, than I have seen in all my past road trips combined.
I have also figured out what the raised bumpy strips on each side of the road are for. Yeah, I used to think they were to let half asleep travelers know they were going off the road, too. But really they are for cleaning the road kill off your tires.
If you live in a town that advertises "Revivals" on a billboard, your might be a redneck. And that's how I knew I was entering the DEEP south. Scary.
OK, my girls were fascinated at all the sights. Lots of cows, horses, and even a Llama farm. We all got a good laugh out of the ones. We saw a truck full of cows too. None of us had ever seen a real live crop duster in action, until this trip. I couldn't figure out for the life of me, why that little plane was flying so low to the interstate, until I saw shit shooting out the back of it.
I have decided we will take our time going home. I am going to split the trip in half. We are going to stop and see some things. Like Memphis. I used to live there when I was a little girl. My biological mother used to DJ at the little radio station next to Sun Records. I thought they might get a kick out of that town. Then since they both were so fascinated by the mountains and the views, I thought we could stop at Skyline Drive. Maybe take some pictures with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a back drop. We also didn't pick up any souvenirs on the way out here. DQ would really like a new cowboy hat. Me too for that matter.
Well, I think that is about it for my adventures today. I probably won't post again this week. Except for Friday... Foxy Friday. I will also announce the Giveaway winner on Friday. Catch you guys later.
From the road.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Well I am at the VGNO again. Wish it was a real night out, where I get all shit faced and sing really bad karaoke and have to take a cab home. But since my ass, um I mean, husband is out again, I guess I will stay home with the kids. But that is not going to stop me from having some fun over at Ann Again...and again


Don't miss my last 2 post.
Foxy Friday
Giveaway Time

What Easter candy can I not live without? Peeps of course. I don't really love the "peeps" that they have come up for every other holiday. Only the Easter ones.

Someone pour me a stiff drink!!!

Foxy Friday Oh So Yummy

I am starting a new weekly edition to my blog... Foxy Friday. I tried to do Mr. Linky, but it was just to much of a pain in the ass.

Featuring my hunk of the week, and why. Really I don't need a why, 'cuz they are all so yummy.
I will be adding a new hunk (hopefully) every Friday. What a way to start the weekend?!

This weeks Fox: Alex O'Loughlin
I admit, my cheeks blush with embarrassment, but I have a thing for Vampires. I don't know why. I was terrified of them as a child. But now, as a grown woman, something about them is hot. It's a good thing they aren't real cuz I would so be someones dinner.

Anyway, this guy played Mick St John on Moonlight. I think it ran for all of a season on CBS. Sci-fi has picked up the re-runs. They ran a marathon last night. It was hot. So hear you go.





Once your done drooling over the Friday Fox, I have other news.
OK, slow your breathing rate a bit, and pay attention...

I told you so...
On Tues. I said No one would want my stuff for my GIVEAWAY. I had absolutely no entries all day yesterday. This morning we have 1. I know there are some of you out there who wanted one of these. Where the hell are ya?

I have decided to go out of town for Easter. Yep, 20 hours in a car with DQ and Itty Bit, who's favorite activity is to fight with each other. Wish me luck.

I will not be back until Sunday the 19th. But I will still be drawing a name for the GIVEAWAY Thursday or Friday morning. I won't be able to start making the order until I get back tho. So who ever wins, please be patient.

Sexy Papa and I still aren't really talking to each other. Oh, and he won't be home for dinner tonight either. We are going out of town without him. Part of me is thinking it would be good to get a break.

OK, if you want to join the Foxy Friday fun, just leave a comment with a link back to your post. Cuz I am an idiot who can't figure out Mr. Linky.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Giveaway Time (Because it's Fun)

I love how people mark their 100th post or 1 year blog anniversary with a giveaway. I am, unfortunately, not that patient. I have been blogging since Jan. and This will be my 44th post. But Giveaways look like so much fun, I just had to get in on the action.

So for no particular reason what so ever, I am hosting a giveaway. It will begin today (at the time of this post) and end on April 16th, one week from today.

Here is what I am giving away. One (1) custom order Minky baby blanket. Winner will choose between Boy or Girl, pictured below.




You can get the complete product information here MINKY BLANKETS

RULES & Stuff:
1. Everyone will have an equal chance to win, as the winner will be drawn at random.
2. A purchase will not increase your chance of winning, 'cuz that's no fair.
3. 2 possible entries for each participant
(1)Visit my website w and take a look around. Then come back here and leave me some feedback, in the form of a comment. I am interested in constructive criticism. Tell me what's good, bad, and what could be changed. Prices seem fair to you? That kind of stuff.
(2) Follow LEFTFIELDMISSY on twitter. Leave me a comment to tell me your following me. If you already follow me, leave a comment and let me know, so that you can have your second entry too.

I admit, I really need to know what I could be doing better. I am not looking for sales, though if you did want to buy something I would be happy to comply. This is more about the feedback.

Good luck to everyone. Now let the game begin!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Short End of The Stick

Lately I have been feeling shafted. About what? Well, just about everything. Maybe it's because that bitch Flow came for a visit last night, I feel the need to get this crap off my chest. Maybe it's just been bottled up so long that if I hold on to it anymore it may devour me from the inside out. Either way, whatever the reason, beware! Massive whine ahead.

My husband has been spending a lot of time away from home aside from work. I am pretty sure he is at his friends house. Take last night for instance. My husband gets off work at 4pm. Yesterday he was supposed to stop at the store to pick up a couple of things on his way home. Shortly before 6 he called home from his friends house to "double check" on what I needed from the store. Around 8pm I called the friends house to add something to the list. (My oldest, DQ, needed card stock sheets for a school project. Which I would have gone to get after he got home. But I no longer felt like it at 8pm.) Yes he was still at the friends house.

At 8:50 he came through the door. I was working in the studio. After getting the girls ready for bed, and reading a story to Itty Bit. My oldest ran out to give him a hug, and I didn't hear what she said to him. But the very first thing I heard out of his mouth, was yelling at her. I called her back down the hall, gave her a hug and told her to go to bed.

I had no intention of leaving the studio. I might be overcome by my instinct to strangle him. He came down to the studio and announced that he could not find card stock. Instantly I felt my blood pressure rise. Now I have to stop what I am doing, and go out to get it myself, at 9 o'clock at night.

I wasn't pissed off previously. A little hurt and confused, but not pissed. But he came in the house, yelled at a kid he hadn't seen all day, and didn't get what I really needed from the store. So, yeah, now I was pissed. I closed up the studio, came down to the bedroom, grabbed my wallet, threw on my shoes and a baseball cap and he says "What is your problem?" "Why are you so mad at me?"
I answered with this simple question. "What did DQ (oldest) say to you when you got home?" In complete and rational defense of his point (NOT) he said "she ran out here, threw her arms around me and said 'Where have you been?'" That's it? That was what warranted being yelled at? That is when I lost my shit! I just look at him and said "what she meant was 'Daddy, we missed you at dinner' What she meant was 'Daddy, I was worried you wouldn't be home in time to give me a hug goodnight' She missed you." He immediatly started yelling "So, I'm not allowed to go anywhere now?" (me) "Thats not what I said. I said we miss you when your not around." (him) "No, your calling me a piece of shit" WHAT? Where the fuck do you get that? (me) "We are just kind of wondering whats so much better about being somewhere but here?" Followed by him with more yelling. Me telling him "don't come in here and posture pissed off in defense of your being gone." More yelling, followed by me stopping him mid rant "I don't have time for this crap. I have to go get card stock for DQ's project." And I left.

Now... What is my problem with him going to his friends house?
He misses dinner with us, at the very least, once a week.
He needs an hour when he gets home before he can deal with the kids, but he is perfectly OK socializing with his friend directly after work.
He no longer calls to let me know he is going to "friends" house. He calls after he's been there 2 hours to let me know he has no intention of coming home anytime soon.
He literally spends more time with these friends than his kids. And when he is here, he acts inconvienced to be spending time with them.
He looks for reasons to go to "friends" house.

I didn't start having a problem with his outings until he missed 3 dinners in a row. A Friday, Sat., and Sun., a couple weeks ago. He will go to drop something off, and be gone for HOURS! Meanwhile I will be here, holding dinner for him, or thinking he'll be right back. We only have one car, so I could be waiting for him to get home so I can go somewhere. Like the Post Office. To mail packages. That clients have paid for! They close at 5pm damn it!

It seems painfully obvious that he would rather be anywhere but here. I am trying to get some thoughts out of my head. Mainly, he is cheating on me, and his friends are helping him. Or, he has suddenly realized that the family man gig is not for him. I keep trying to think of what else it might be. I would feel like a fool. I hate to be made a fool of. I end up doing stupid things like getting arrested for assault.

There is, of course, more to this story. Like me all but throwing myself at him (which is rare, but still) and him not wanting to. Um, who are you and what have you done with my husband? But I think you get the picture.
What am I supposed to do now?

OK, If you have read this far, your a brave soul. I am not usually this much of a downer. But I no longer have a best friend to vent to. (thats a whole other post) I am usually funny and shit, but I just didn't have it in me today. So if your new here, look at some of my other, more lighthearted posts.

BTW, I am now taking applications for a new best friend. Anyone interested?

NOW... I think I will cheer myself up by working on my giveaway post.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blah Blah Blah Random Tuesday


My computer runs a whole lot faster now. It's a good thing too, cuz I was about to throw the damn thing out the window.

I am renaming my family in my blog. From now on:
I will be Hot Mama
Hubby will be Sexy Papa
Oldest is DQ for Drama Queen
Youngest will be Itty Bit
Cats will be Thing 1 and Thing 2
These names are either accurate or what I call them. Except for mine. That's just wishful thinking.

I am nervous about my blog giveaway, scheduled for later this week. What if no one wants my stuff?

Why must my darling daughters start fighting as soon as their feet hit the ground in the morning? If it wasn't for DQ going to school everyday, I might be tempted to throw them out the window.

Customer service companies need to revert to the old way of thinking: The customer is always right.
If they don't I may be forced to say something like:
Kramer Tire SUCKS. They made up a bunch of shit that needed to be "fixed" on my car so it could pass inspection. Most of it is fine, they just want to make money!!!

My life would be so much easier if my family would quit eating and learn to go naked!

DQ is 10 and she still "believes" in the Easter Bunny. I think she is afraid of what might happen if she doesn't "believe".

That is it for now. I would love to stay around and blog more, but I have dishes to do and laundry to get started on.

You can participate in Random Tuesday by visiting the hostess: The Un Mom

Monday, April 6, 2009

Did you miss me?

Well, I am back. After a long weekend of fighting with my computer. I had to reformat the thing. But since it had been updated with the SP3 from Windows it wouldn't let me do that from my operating system disk. Suck ass. I am not a computer person. I'm not dumb about computer things. I just don't do coding and and the kind of shit you do in the blue screen before the operating system boots. BUT... I managed to do a new raw format. Erasing any trace of previous information, spam, viruses, and slow you to a crawl junk! I spent all last night and this morning doing windows updates, and anti-virus shit. I think I got it now!!!

Hubby and I decided to wait to redo the kitchen ceiling until we know FOR SURE it's not going to leak again. So my kitchen is going to look like ass for the next month or so. And not cute Matthew Mcconaughey ass either. More like fat lazy house wife ass!

My brother wants me to come visit for spring break. That would be next week. It's a 20 hour drive. I would be the only driver, as hubby has to stay home to work. And after looking it all up, it's going to cost too much. But I want to go. I think his wife needs some help with the baby. She really needs a nap. And I am the perfect candidate to "keep" the baby so she can get some much needed rest. Plus my girls miss their cousins.
But between renting a car and gas, and maybe a hotel to catch a couple hours of sleep, I might have to sell my youngest child to afford it. Maybe I should look up flights???

Oh and I still need to do my taxes. It was Friday morning when I sat down to do them that my computer crapped out. Thank God for external drives.

OK, I am off for what is certain to be a long day. Lots of stuff to do.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Real Quick

Hey, it's the last day of The Spring Cleaning Sale over in my Bonanzle shop. 50% off everything in the store. I choose Bonanzle because it's very easy to run a sale over there, and they have real time chat. I even added the newest baby blankets that I created earlier in the week. You can get them at an introductory steal... They are 50% off too. Come on over and see the fun. Chat with me real time. Bonanzle is a blast.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Productive Day

So, yesterday was a nice day for me. No more roof junk on my kitchen floor. That is always a good thing.

I got up early, made coffee, and went straight into the studio. I had a new vision for cute baby blankets. Not so much a new idea, but a new way to do the "binding" and I was eager to get in there and try it out. After I had pressed the back lining fabric up to form the binding I had a total DUH moment. Why hadn't I thought of this before.


Girls and Boys styles to choose from


Boys made with green striped Minkie (minky) and blue check flannel.


Girls made with dark pink minkie (minky) Dots and pink & black plaid flannel.

Needless to say, I am thrilled with the way these turned out. I can't wait to hear from my customers about these. They are going to be custom order items, so that they can be personalized with baby's name and maybe a birthday too.

Joann's is having a BIG sale this weekend. I am hoping pre-sales of these go well, so I can go buy lots of minky to make more of a variety to offer.

I will be doing a giveaway for one of these very soon. I'll let the winner choose Boy or Girl. I think it's going to be lots of fun. After the sale in my Bonanzle shop is over, I will post the details of the give away.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and/or purchased from me. You are all wonderful for supporting my fabric addiction!

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