Saturday, January 31, 2009

What's on your MP3?

I got a new MP3 Player for Christmas (Thank you baby). I have recently started buying MP3's online because I got tired of listening to what I already had, over and over and over again.

I am surprised by all the wonderful old music I can easily find online. So I have been listening to some cool old music from my childhood.
Queen, Billy Joel (the good stuff from the 70's), Dr. Hook (you know, Cover of Rolling Stone), Ricky Lee Jones, and Elton John. Tons of good stuff.

I have been bopping around this house in such a good mood. Funny how music can make any day better, huh?

Best sewing tips #1

Today I thought I would start a fun and useful bit of blogging... My best sewing tips.

But first I thought I would show off my nice clean studio. I need a new chair though because this one is too big.


And now for my first "Best Sewing Tips"

If you are working on a large project, pre-wind a couple of bobbins for quick changes when you need it. AND... Use your extra spool pin to store them right at hand.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Like Mother Like Daughter


This is a photo of my oldest daughters first attempt at sewing. She made it last weekend at her Grandma's house. I think it is so sweet that she made it for her baby sister. Just had to share.

Kids and their wonderful brains

My youngest daughter is a riot. Just a brief history... She didn't start talking until she was about 16 months old. She just didn't feel like there was anything important enough to speak for. But once she did start talking, oh boy were we in for an earful. She spoke like a well rounded adult, with gestures, inflections and tone. She knew when she used a big word, that babies should even be pondering, what it meant and how to best use it to express herself. She really has always said the most off the wall stuff.

Well she is almost 5 now, and she is still at it. During the inauguration she, as she sat watching those people on TV, she said "They must be freezing their asses off" OK so that wasn't good, but it was funny as hell. Then one day last week while I was making Mac & Cheese, she, matter-of-factly said "Just warning you about this Mac & Cheese, it has 162 grams of salt in it." Where does she get this stuff?
Recently she has taken to negotiations. " I am getting pretty hungry, do you think we could move snack time up a bit?" Well that is a reasonable request, so I usually grant it. Well smart as she is, she decided to try it again, only this time "Mom, do you think we could move my birthday up, cuz I am getting tired of waiting for it." She is so cute, I almost wish I could say yes.

Glass Half Full

I am the type of person who sees the good in everything. Even when I am having a crappy day I can still manage to find something to be happy about.

So I own my own business. I make baby quilts mostly, but other things too. Much of my business is custom orders. I did OK during Christmas. Not great, but considering the economy, I was pleased. There was a point last year when I was getting so many orders I almost couldn't keep up. Which was super! But all I did was make quilts. I love to sew, but doing the same thing over and over gets a little boring. I have a very short attention span. I think that is why I make baby sized quilts, because they don't take that long, and I can move on to the next project. I was a little burned out on baby quilts and rag totes there for a while.

The good news in having no business...? I have time to play around with other projects! Since Christmas I have discovered prims. I have made bowl fillers, and cloth dolls from scratch... little outfits to go on my dolls. Fabric gift bags, for us green type people. Yesterday I came up with personalized fabric bookmarks. This morning I have been working on a sensory baby block. I have been having so much fun, doing what I want to do. Yeah it sucks that the economy is so bad and I am not having any sales. But maybe this lull will lead to a new product line. And after I had a couple weeks to play around with something other than a rag quilt, I was re-energized to make more of those too. I completed 4 baby rag quilts over the long weekend.

I tell you what, once the economy gets better, I am going to have tons of product to offer!

Monday, January 26, 2009

And One More Thing

While I am busy bitching about political type things... Can you believe there is a company out there selling Sasha and Malia dolls? What the hell. I heard on the news today that First Lady Obama is basically outraged, and calling for a stop to it. And... I think she is absolutely within her rights to do so. Here is an article I found about it. Sasha & Malia Dolls

Slang terms

Well I have a free moment now to run off at the mouth, or the keyboard?

I was thinking about something today... Why is it that the press bashed Miss. Kennedy (NY) for her constant use of one single term (I think it was "You know") in one interview? Did anyone in our press ever listen to Former President ("Former" sounds wonderful doesn't it?) Bush make a speech? His favorite, most used word was... get ready for this... you won't believe how educated he sounded... "UM" and the the variation "UH". Am I the only one who noticed how horrible he was at giving a speech? I actually stopped listening to his speeches, not because I thought everything that came out of the mans mouth was shit, but because I couldn't stand the hear him say "UM"! Don't get me wrong, I wholeheartedly believed every word he spoke was shit. But shouldn't the person who holds the highest office in the land be more educated and better spoken than that? I say educated because every higher education institute in this great country offers Public Speaking as a credited course. For God sakes Mr. Bush, before you take on your next big task, please take a class.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pop That Cherry

So now is the time for the first post, also known as popping the cherry.

HI! My name is Missy. After reading a blog by the Queen of Shake Shake I became inspired. I have lots to say and no one to listen to me. I like to rant and rave about anything and everything. And if I can make one person laugh as hard as she makes me laugh it will all be worth it.

So there you have it, my first post. Awe inspiring wasn't it? OK, maybe not, but your first time is never all that wonderful! Cherry Popped!