Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random Thursday Thoughts

Back when I was an unemployed dedicated blogger, I used to participate in Random Tuesday Thoughts, RTT for short. I've not been able to find any evidence that this still exists. But seeing as it fit the format in which my brain spews information, I'm going to continue it in the form of Thursday Thoughts.  If you know what happened to the original RTT, please, Do Share!

First...Where have all the good blogs gone? (Sung in the harmony of "Where have all the cowboys gone?") I fully expected to pick up right where I left off.  Except most of my favorite blogs aren't active anymore. These people made me laugh! A Lot! How dare these bitches go have a life somewhere other than bloggerville!

Also, I'm feeling quite stupid in reference to the format changes. I've found another blog I really like, ( Finding Fairy Tales ) but can't figure out how in the hell to comment to it.

Is it unreasonable to expect a 9 year old to be able to get herself ready for school in the morning? I give her one hour to get dressed, eat breakfast and brush her hair and teeth. This doesn't seem that complicated to me. So why is it every morning she almost misses the bus?

As a custom painter, I've had the opportunity to observe two different points in the spectrum of the economic scale. Middle class, where the homes don't cost more than 200,000 and Upper class, ranging from 1 to 6 Million dollar homes.

If you were thinking the "rich" people are more concerned about their belongings, you would be wrong. I've observed an odd phenomenon where these people leave their houses open, as in unlocked. Even while they are away from it running errands and such. And if they are away on vacation, which happens a lot, they give us a key. We are always free to come and go as we please.

The middle class clients, are far less inclined to give anyone free reign of their homes. Things are locked up tight. No work can be done while they are out of town. And if they are running late on their errands, we end up waiting in the driveway for them to return home before we can get to work.

Today, Itty Bit wore a pair of jeans, a rainbow tie-dyed t-shirt and cowboy boots to school. She thinks she is a fashionista. I think she is a unique individual.

I think coffee makers should be more technologically advanced. As a matter of fact, I think it every morning while I wait for the liquid of the Gods to brew.  They should come up with a reserve for grounds to last at least a week (14 pots). And have a water line that you can hook to your sink system. They should also be "smart" enough to figure out when you are going to come down for your first cup and be ready to serve up that first cup. I mean, my freezer automatically makes ice and knows when it needs to stop. We have phones with broads who talk back to us, find stuff for us, give us directions and type out our text messages. I think the coffee pot situation is far more critical than either of those two things. I'm a single mom. I work full-time. I'm basically a walking zombie. I can't possibly be expected to remember to set the pot up on a timer every night.

FYI: a lot is not one word. We say it as one word, but in written text is should be a (space) lot. NOT alot. Also, y'all, while slang, has a proper spelling. It is the combination of two words; you and all. The apostrophe goes after the y not after the a. Y'all not ya'll. Got it?

Okay, that's enough for me today. I'm too stupid to do linky or any of that crap. If you want to share your randomness, just leave a link in the comment section and I will pop over to see whats brewing.

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