Monday, February 25, 2013

Itty and Bitty

Today, my Itty Bit turns 9 years old. You remember Itty Bit don'tcha? The one who can, without fail, make me smile... Every Single Day. Most days she makes me laugh, which I really need. Itty Bit is my youngest daughter and while she is turning 9, she is not getting any bigger. Tipping the scales at a mear 54 lbs, she is very petite.

She is growing up to be my little punker girl. I love that she DOESN'T fall all over herself about Justen Bieber. She'd rather listen to the Beastie Boys and Pantera. She digs clothes with cute skulls on them. She adores Hello Kitty, much to my dismay. Itty Bit has a very interesting style, but it's important that she "match". At least as far as she is concerned. She doesn't particularly care what other kids think of her clothes or the music she likes. She is a person, all of her own design.

I know, all moms say this, but Itty Bit is smart. Like, scary smart. This 3rd grader could read and understand War and Peace should the desire to do so striker her.  People (other than me) have said she is "Wise beyond her years" and she surprises them with her ability to "Understand and contribute to adult conversations." We have to be careful what we say around Itty Bit.

 She is all about Girl Scouts. Which makes perfect sense to me. I wished I'd signed her up earlier. She is compationate and sticks up for what she believes in. She doesn't tolerate bullies picking on other kids.

She'll talk your ear off if you let her.
She poses questions for which there are no answers.
She gives more hugs than I thought humanly possible.
She is a pack rat with a pig pen for a bedroom.
She makes it very hard to stay mad at her. 

I am very blessed to be her mom. 

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  1. HappyHappy Birthday, Itty Bit. Nine is the Best Age. Girl Scouts rock too, I was one for years and years and it made me the better person I am today.


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