Tuesday, March 12, 2013

If Its Yellow Random Goodness

You know what an oxymoron is, right? Jumbo Shrimp..ha ha ha. Well I have a new one for you:
Loading your groceries, packed nicely in your reusable shopping bags, into the back of your new, shiny black Suburban. But hey, the leather seats and wood grain interior make it all worth it, right?

I came across this post http://imgonnakillhim.com/uncategorized/show-video/ and I am now demanding you all go check out this blog. The writer is actually a comedian. And we all know I could use a little funny in my life.

Every Single Morning, my roomie uses the entire tank of hot water. I think we all know what he's doing in there. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that his wife won't screw him.

Why in the hell do most of my matches on POF look like gang bangers and Yo boys? Seriously, you're 35 damn years old. Pull up your pants and fix your hat. Just because I have tattoos doesn't mean I'm a street thug. Hello.... tattoos are one of my interests because you should know what your in for BEFORE you message me.

Bam keeps messaging and emailing me. He hopes I'm working on my depression. It's really starting to get on my nerves. To this I say, I didn't allow myself to be all emo when we broke up, so I think I'm doing fine, thanks.

I had an entire weekend to myself. Itty Bit was with The Douche and DQ went to my moms. I did some laundry, delivered some G.S. Cookies and I slept for 10 hours Saturday night. I am such a party girl!

I get the “If it's yellow let it mellow...” way of thinking. You are going to save water, and thus the planet, by not flushing the toilet after you pee. Thank you for not doing the same when you take a crap. But for the love of God, could you maybe divert from this practice while I'm working in your house. Because there is no way in hell I am going to use your toilet while your urine/toilet paper is in the bowl. I am flushing your toilet before I pee, and then again after. 

If you want to play too, head over to Stacy Uncorked. She's the go to girl for RTT these days. 

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  1. HA! Your oxymoron observation is hilarious - and so true. :)

    Obviously Bam is not over you, eh? Or maybe it bugged him you didn't get all emo over the breakup. You know, that guy ego thing. ;)

    I need to create a weekend to myself so I can party like you did and sleep 10 hours... SA-Weeeet! :)

    Oh yeah, I'm like you - if there's *anything* in the toilet when I have to pee, I flush first, do my biz, then flush again. That's how I roll. :)

    Thanks for playing along! :)

    Daylight Saving Time, Cat-Scratch Fever, Toothpaste Shortage: RTT Rebel


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