Friday, July 25, 2014

I Broke My Toy

I broke my toy. No not that one, you perv. Last I checked B.O.B. was just fine. No, I'm talking about something I use much more often. My PS4.

Every month I indulge in something just for myself. Nothing too expensive, but it's my belief that whats the point of working so hard if you never get anything for it.  This month it was a pack of pinball tables for Zen Pinball 2 on Playstation.

I love pinball. It's the only video game I really play. Everything else gives me motion sickness. The ONLY pinball, in my opinion, worth playing on a gaming console IS Zen Pinball. It is as close to a real table as you will find.

Plants v Zombies is fun. I kick ass at Sorcerers Lair with 300 million + score. But I'd been playing those for months and I thought I deserved some new tables. I bought the Marvel comics pack that includes World War Hulk, Avengers and Fear Itself. Love these 3 games.

And then yesterday I sat my behind on the couch, controller in hand, ready to play and NOTHING! The playstation wouldn't work right. I unplugged the whole thing and waited a few minutes, hoping it would reset itself. It didn't work. When I swipe the power button, all it does is beep 3 times. I didn't have the patience to try to figure out was wrong. I just wanted to play some pinball and I couldn't which made me mad.

I had to give someone at Playstation an earful of gamers dismay. So I got online and opened an online chat with a rep. And what is the outcome of this support? I have to send the console back to Sony to have it repaired. Any bets on how long this is going to take AND if I will begin to feel the affects of Pinball withdrawl?

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