Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Yep, those letters mean just what you think they do...

So my neighbor comes over, and we get to talking about this girl that DQ became instant best friends with.  Which I think is great.  Someone her own age, rather than the little kids she has been stuck with.  And I actually like the girl, and she adores me, but mostly because she wants Twilight goodies.

Well Neighbor lady says, my daughter is not allowed to play over at new girls house, because there is a sex offender that lives close by there.

So we hop on my computer and look up the registry, and not 1 but 2 offenders live on the girls street.  OK, so neighbor and I go take a ride to see where they are in relation to new girls house.  Neighbor thinks that one of the addresses is actually New Girls house.

So I drop her at home and come pick up DQ.  I have DQ show me exactly which house it is that her friend lives at.  Yep, it's one of the addresses.  SHIT!  So I ask DQ "Who all lives there?"  Thinking maybe there is a creepy uncle shacking over there.  DQ says "New girl, Dad, Step mom, step sister and brother."  And I say "The brother is a kid right?"  "Yeah, he is a teenager."

I come home and look at the info online again.  Humn.  At this point I am hoping that it was the previous tenant, and that the registry just hasn't been updated.  I call DQ to come look at the photo, and ask her "Do you know this man?"  "Oh yeah" she says "That's New Girls dad."

WHAT???  Now I am raging mad.  This is not some, "I got caught pissing on a brick wall beside a bar one night" sex offense.  This is indecent liberties with a child.  And my babies have been hanging out over there.  Hey, there ought to be some fucking law.  If the neighborhood kids end up at your house, you should be REQUIRED to tell their parents you have been convicted of a felony against a child!!!

Well, I tried to hide my grief over this revelation.  But I guess DQ is a perceptive kid.  She asked this morning "Am I not allowed to go to New Girls house anymore?"  Of course my answer is no, but damn it.  The girls are like BFF.  And it's not New Girls fault her dad is a creep!

I feel like a fucking idiot for not checking sooner.  But really, do I have to investigate every neighbor?  In my defense, DQ has only been over there a couple of times, and Itty Bit only once.  And unfortunately, they will NOT be going back.  I feel bad for the girls, but I have to be a good parent.  I told DQ that New Girl is always welcome here.  And somehow she understood, but was still disappointed.

Indecent liberties with a child, as defined by the state where he was convicted is exactly as bad as it sounds.
I really wanted to call Step Mom and say "What the Fuck!"  Now I am wondering what will come next.


  1. You're doing the right thing.

    That poor girl though, how difficult must it be to make friends, so sad for her.

  2. Yes, we have to check our neighbors. They are required under Megan's Law to tell the police station when they've moved...but not required to tell the neighbors. It is up to us to be vigilant about knowing who our neighbors are. We have three living within 2 block radius (not even counting the halfway house two blocks down and across from the police station) and I have informed my older daughter who & where they are.


    I would be unfrickinhinged! The bride does at a minmum monthly searches. I am soooooooo glad there is a place to search them.

  4. So.. what happened here? Has there been a confrontation?


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