Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Public Appearance

That's right folks, here is your opportunity to meet the one and only, fabulous Left Field Missy. OK, maybe not. But I will be at a public show on Sat. I know I have some local followers, so if your in the area, come say HI.
Sat. Oct 17, 10-4 at Indian River H.S.

Yesterday I mentioned preparing for a show at a private school some 4 hours away. Even though I have not had luck at any show in the past, I was very excited about this show. And after an entire Summer of sewing my little heart out, it got canceled. BOOO.

So then I was left frantically trying to figure out what I was going to do with all this stuff. Yeah I have some of it listed in my Etsy shop. But these are the kind of items that will sell better if you hold it and see the quality and details.

There is a show here locally, that has done very well. It's established. People look forward to it. There is a 2 year waiting list to get in as a vendor...
BUT, I took a chance anyway, and emailed to coordinator. Explained my situation, and apologized for it being so late, and asked if there were any spots open. What luck, there was a spot for me.

At that moment, I realized I had 1 week to get ready. Where the other show was going to be in Nov.

I had to package and tag everything. Which wasn't such a big deal. I am pretty organized. But my problem now is coming up with a display. On short notice. I'm sure I will get it worked out. And I am grateful to be in this show. But man I am frazzled.

OK, time for me to get back to it. I will catch up with you all, probably next week.


  1. How am I going to know where to go?? I don't even know what state you are in? lol

  2. Good luck. Hope you sell out!!! Your things are so cute, I bet you do.

  3. I'm always late for everything. Hope all went well though!


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