Monday, October 12, 2009

Lori Is Super!!!

A lot of you know about one of my favorite blogs, Be Different...Act Normal, run by Lori. She finds all the coolest stuff on the web for crafting and decorating. I have scammed, Ummm, been inspired by so many of her ideas. If you need a little inspiration, her blog is the place to get it.

Anyway, just as I am getting all the stuff mailed from the last giveaway, she is hosting another one for me. If you missed your opportunity to enter/win in mine, you can head on over to hers and enter there.

Be Different...Act Normal

But you better hurry. She is drawing the winner on Wed. Morning.


  1. That's awesome! Go you, go her. And I can't wait to get my book thong!

  2. I love her blog!!
    I entered her giveaway!


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