Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kids and their wonderful brains

My youngest daughter is a riot. Just a brief history... She didn't start talking until she was about 16 months old. She just didn't feel like there was anything important enough to speak for. But once she did start talking, oh boy were we in for an earful. She spoke like a well rounded adult, with gestures, inflections and tone. She knew when she used a big word, that babies should even be pondering, what it meant and how to best use it to express herself. She really has always said the most off the wall stuff.

Well she is almost 5 now, and she is still at it. During the inauguration she, as she sat watching those people on TV, she said "They must be freezing their asses off" OK so that wasn't good, but it was funny as hell. Then one day last week while I was making Mac & Cheese, she, matter-of-factly said "Just warning you about this Mac & Cheese, it has 162 grams of salt in it." Where does she get this stuff?
Recently she has taken to negotiations. " I am getting pretty hungry, do you think we could move snack time up a bit?" Well that is a reasonable request, so I usually grant it. Well smart as she is, she decided to try it again, only this time "Mom, do you think we could move my birthday up, cuz I am getting tired of waiting for it." She is so cute, I almost wish I could say yes.

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  1. She sounds like a real stitch (sewing pun intended). Almost-Five tried bargaining with me to move his birthday up today, as a matter of fact. Thanks for following my blog!


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