Friday, July 5, 2013

This Motha Fucka

Ah the boys of chat... Bam fucked up my chatting for a long time. I didn't even sign into the chat client for a long ass time, so as not to "bump into" him. Then when I did go back I avoided him. If I went into a room, and he was there, I left. But here's the thing... The room he was hanging out in, everyone else was there too. Seeing as I did nothing wrong, I decided fuck it. I can hang out there and ignore him. Surely we can act like grown fucking adults, right? Right?

Uh, no. Apparently not.

Real quick, for those people who aren't familiar with chat, let me share...
I chat on Paltalk. Each chat room has an owner. Usually the owner designates a couple of people to keep an eye on things. Such as, no nudity on cam or in profiles. (it happens) No bugging the crap out of the girls trying to hook up... you get the idea. These people are called Admins. I quickly figured out why Bam was always in that room, he is an Admin.

Well great. He has the power to kick me out whenever he wants. Whatever. I'll ignore him, and it will be fine. It quickly become apparent that he's trying to get people against me. No one really talks to me. Which is odd, because they used to before. Huh? Ok, it'll just take some time for the newness of the Bam/Missy drama to wear off. They'll see that I'm awesome, and things will go back to normal.

Well let me get straight to the point. Bam is fucking crazy! It takes a while but I finally figure out that while we were dating he installed some kind of program on my laptops that allow him remote access somehow.
He knew the moment I opened a dating profile.
He knew when I started talking to another chatter.
My PayPal got hacked, TWICE. Wonder what that was?
And when I created a different nickname to sing in the room under, he was the only one who knew it was me.

Keep in mind, that we have not contacted each other AT ALL since he told me to keep the ring and hoodie. (I gave the hoodie to DQ.)
The nastiness started slowly. Little barbs that only I knew were meant to be hurtful. So I sent him a quick email asking that we not bring drama in the room and just get along. Water under the bridge and all. And little did I know, that behind the scenes he was telling people all kinds of crazy shit.

Meanwhile, all the girls love him. He gets on cam with no shirt on and they all soak their panties over him. Fine by me. Until they all treat me like crap cuz I'm "The girl who did him wrong" Oh but wait, Didn't he break up with me? Why yes. And wasn't that like 4 months ago? Yes again.

So this room, that everyone likes because they don't put up with drama and bullshit, quickly turns into a cat fight when I start showing up. And for the most part, I have no idea why or whats really going on.

Then the room owner and I start talking a little. I swore I would never date another chatter. But there is no harm in talking to him. He lives 400 miles away. Safe for me cuz nothing could come of this. In my paranoid head, I somehow think he's fucking with me. All the other Admins hate me. Maybe they are trying to play a fast one on me.

Finally, I'm let in on some of the behind the scenes talk. Bam is telling everyone that I'm stalking him. WHAT? You're out your fucking mind son. I had to laugh at that one because I didn't tap into his computer... it was the other way around. Who is stalking who?

The owner (Bobby) and another Admin start catching on to his little barbs. Bobby sees that Bam is talking about parts of private conversations. Bam is warned multiple times to keep it out of the room. And then it hits the fan.

I'm sitting there minding my own business, waiting to play music trivia, when Bam starts posting zingers in the public room. He basically calls me a whore, and warns Bobby that he'll get used. He is warned one last time. Then Bam sends me a virtual gift. Which everyone in the room can see. "A Kick In The Butt". Nice. Fucking mature of you. Way to show your ass moron! I didn't respond. I just sat and watched.

By that point Bobby has had enough. Bam is stripped of his admin rights, booted from the room and banned for life.

He immediately messages Bobby and says "Missy is only talking to you to get to me."

Then he messages another Admin and says he still loves me. Ah, I'm gonna have to call bullshit on that one.

The room looses 2 female admins, because they think Bobby is taking my side, simply because he wants to get with me. People are so clueless. Girls are especially stupid sometimes. No wonder I hang out with mostly guys.

Through out this whole thing, I've given Bobby the short version of what happened between me and Bam. He asked. I was honest. And the both of us are confused, because he broke up with me. There has been no contact since then. Why is he acting like this? Bobby seems to think Bam will try to get me back. And he is worried that I might accept him. Ah, not even if hell froze over!!! Sorry, I don't do psycho.

That night, he was acting like such a lunatic, I was actually scared. I just knew he was going to blame me for him loosing his room. Even though I didn't say a word. But clearly he was not thinking straight. Every time I went outside to smoke, I sat with my Glock in my lap. I'll be the first to tell you, men do stupid shit.

Fast forward a little bit, and I still can't figure out why he acted like that. He's never contacted me directly. Finally, the other day I had an Ah-ha moment. It's an ego thing with Bam, He was thinking when he dumped me that I would pine and cry over him. Beg him back. Clearly he didn't know me well, because Missy does not chase boys. And when I did come back to chat, I didn't start drama. Didn't flirt with him. I ignored him and started talking to someone else... He realized I didn't want him. His little feelings were hurt. His ego bruised. I really don't think Bam wants me back. And even if he did, that bridge burned long ago. No, He doesn't want me. He would like to think I can't live without him. And it eats him alive that our history is no skin off my nose.

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  1. Sounds like you have behaved admirably and he's been a shit. what's fucking new there, eh ?~! Protect yourself, girlfriend, I don't want to hear about it on the evening news. Unless it's HIS brains on the sidewalk, blood in his shoes. I hate psychos like him cuz they are unpredictable and that's the worst. Stay safe. I'm holding you up to the Universal Healing Power and claiming your peace of mind.


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