Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Best Times

Y'all have seen me go through some shit. Some of the worst life can offer. Back in February of this year I tipped my head to the sky and asked God, "How much more am I expected to take before I just can't handle it anymore?"

I was serious. I just didn't understand why. What had I done to earn so much strife? And why did it all have to happen at once?

This past weekend, Bobby and I went on a little road trip. We went to camp with some friends of ours. Two days of no one calling me Mom or wanting me to cook or clean. It was fabulous. On the way back, during which he drove because I was so hungover, I remembered something I'd heard a long time ago.

 'God gives his best children the hardest time so that the fruits of heaven may be sweeter.'

That isn't the exact quote, but it's how I translated and/or remember it. I laid back with my head in the seat and watched this beautiful man as he drove us through back woods Virginia. I couldn't help but to realize that he IS my good thing.

Bobby wears this look of contentment on his face. Always smiling. And when he looks at me, his eyes light up. There is just a hint of fear behind them. He's been hurt too. But he's ready to give it another go. He's putting his whole being into loving me.

I'll admit, I've jumped in with both feet. I don't know how it happened. I don't even care why. I just know that it is. I have faith in this thing called love again.

Bobby has driven out at least every other weekend to see me. This last trip lasted a week. It was amazing... Getting to wake up beside him every morning. 

He left this morning to go home. He has things he needs to take care of there. But he'll be back in a week. The time spent apart is not easy but we are managing. For now. He's been looking at places here. The idea of him being with-in arms reach is very appealing to me.

Ok, I'm done being a girl now. But before I go, I must leave you with one thing... And you know I wouldn't be me without so off color cooky remark...

Can I just say the sex is AMAZING! 


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

that's great Missy, happiness is in your life again and it makes for a very happy time.

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